Wii U: Benjamin01
I beat BD 3-1
04/24/2017 06:45:30
Switch: SW-5001-3317-9049
Wii U: Mr_Parchy
Mike4Life (Sonic, Kirby, Dr. Mario, Mewtwo, Luigi) vs MrL (Bowser Jr., Kirby, Mario, Link, Sheik) (Battlefield, Duck Hunt, Dreamland, Final Destination, Lylat Cruise)
If MrL wins, Bracket reset.
Mike4Life (Samus, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Ryu, Pikachu) vs MrL (Ness, PAC-MAN, Pikachu, Ike, Duck Hunt) (Final Destination, Duck Hunt, Lylat Cruise, Dreamland, Town & City)
Guys, are you dead? I'm pretty sure I'm the best online TO ever.
Half a year and we're still not finished. That's got to be a record.
05/22/2017 09:28:16
I told him when I can play, and then he said probably after BAM, and then we both forgot about it lol. I messaged him.

Also, this will set the record by a longshot: https://qldsmash.com/Forum/Thread/top-doggo-duck-hunt-duo-bracket.383/1 since I don't think it's finishing any time soon.
05/22/2017 21:04:45
Switch: SW-5001-3317-9049
Wii U: Mr_Parchy
That's true. I feel like it's actually dead in the water though.
05/24/2017 00:59:43
Wii U: Benjamin01
yeah i can play by the end of the week i think. hopefully tonight
05/24/2017 05:14:35
I won 3-1.
07/09/2017 02:16:15
Switch: SW-5001-3317-9049
Wii U: Mr_Parchy
Congratz to Mike4Life for coming first, MrL second, and 3rd place for battledolphin.
07/10/2017 23:19:33