About the Ausmash API

Ausmash has a read only API which can be used to query data from the website. Types of data which can be queries includes character, player, video and tournament data and is provided in JSON.

API access requires a competitive account on Ausmash. Once you have this you can go to the API access section in your profile to generate a key. This key must be sent in a HTTP Header 'X-ApiKey' to authorise all API requests.

There is a Swagger documentation page which can be used to find all the possible API calls. Remember to put your API key in the top right hand corner when using this documentation.

Please be aware that there are currently the following rate limits in place for API requests:

  • 50 per second
  • 2000 per minute
  • 100000 per hour
  • 2000000 per day
  • 10000000 per week

If you have feedback on the API or wish to have specific data or calls added please feel free to contact the admin of this site to request it.