xDaniee's Smash "Journey" (Made to counterpart my Brother's)
A word before we begin, my Brother's article can be found here: http://qldsmash.com/Blog/Article/43/miras-journey-through-smash also, I will quote significant parts of my Brother's article and present of PoV, and finally, my Brother and I agree his memory is better short term, mine is better long term.

"This is the journey of a kid named Ethan. An innocent child growing attached to Smash as he himself grew. The soon to be named Mira was first introduced to Smash in 2009 when he and his brother, the soon to be xDaniee that some of us know him as today, rented the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl." We rented Brawl in years 2008-2009. It was the first Smash game we ever sat eyes upon.

"Eager to play it, they got home and the first thing they did was turn the Wii on. The game was different to Mira then what it was to his brother, to a certain degree, Mira thought of it as a game to be taken to an extremely high level of seriousness." We played with items on, on stages like Norfair and 75M, making up ridiculous story lines as we went, stuff like Mario going evil and only Zelda can stop him. He may have taken it seriously, but I thought it wasn't serious at all back then.

"He mainly played Pokemon trainer, as he had recently gotten the game Pokemon Pearl from his brother after he got Pokemon Diamond." I received a white DS lite (I wanted a blue one), Super Mario 64 DS and Pokemon Diamond on Christmas Day, 2008. I received Pearl sometime after then, and I gave it to my Brother, he mainly played Ivysaur in Brawl when we weren't playing ridiculous story lines.

"Pokemon trainer was a good character for someone like Mira at the time. You can switch if you felt like the matchup is not going your way, which was a good weapon to have up your disposal when your that bad at matchups." He switched Pokemon ALOT, believe me.

"Whenever the opportunity crossed Mira's path, he would rent the game in a heartbeat." We only rented the game once or twice in total.

"He was on a quest to unlock every new challenger, especially R.O.B., which would lead him to maining him in the future." We never unlocked R.O.B, and I don't remember my Brother playing R.O.B much on 3DS/Wii U

"However, it was rare that this opportunity occurred, meaning that one day, it would be time to quit Smash..." If we 'quit' Smash, I wouldn't be writing this.

"It has now been years since Mira has played Smash, and unfortunately, Smash just isn't a big part of Mira's life anymore." We forgot about the franchise entirely until 3DS/Wii U was announced.

"However, Smash 4 was Mira's saviour, giving hope to the fact that he may play Smash again. This time, in mid 2014 (5 years later) Mira and his brother get excited for Smash 4, getting it as a Christmas gift in 2014 and this time, unlocking every character in months on both the 3DS and Wii U in a matter of months." I got my 2DS on Smash 3DS on 26/10/2014 and Wii U version Christmas day that year, I unlocked every Character on my 3DS, my Brother's 3DS and the Wii U, with some help from him. It didn't take too long, I played Fox, since he fell very fast I would set it to 1 stock and SD to unlock everyone.

"A whole year of whipping each other into a tournament fit state was enough to prepare them for their first tournaments ever: UQ." 2 years, I didn't consider tourneys a possibility until mid-late 2015

"in January xDaniee won 1st place in the amateur bracket, causing a large amount of our friends come to play Smash after seeing his surprising performance, creating the entire Black Jackal Syndicate." SilvaComet and I were the only ones to play at UQ 16, since then Realiti, Sweet, Autumn here and Techmo all people we know, have played aswell.

"In 2015, xDaniee and Mira gave the Wii one last shot at being good for Smash again." I started soft modding it in 2015 but I gave up, I tried again sometime after and it worked, I forgot exactly when though. Sometime before UQ 16.

"They dug up the same Wii and downloaded PM onto it and it was an extremely enjoyable game which made them feel like abandoning Smash 4, which of coarse (course) never happened." The same Wii we played Brawl on, he means. We did almost quit Smash 4.

"They always talked about playing Smash in tournament, especially PM." I always talked about playing Smash 4 in tournaments.

"Anyway, the first PM event for UQ was the chance for them to get a taste of just what PM was in tournament. They actually had a performance which did them and their friends and family proud by what is now the title of the 73rd and 82nd in their state." My school friends did applaud my performance in PM.

"xDaniee lost a slight amount of interest towards PM, but young Ethan just wanted to expand it to a new game which he would be soon to get for his birthday in March..." The PM hack on the SD broke and I haven't managed to fix it yet.

"A powerful Marth main and Melee and also the other Smash games in general supporter." No comment.

Thank you for reading my perspective, it's not what I had in mind myself, I wanted to rewrite my Brother's ENTIRE article from the ground up, but I decided it would be too much effort so I just commented upon quotes I deemed noteworthy.
xDaniee (Daniel)

DISCLAIMER: Some dates may not be 100% accurate, I have gone off my memory as best as possible, and I believe at least 85% of dates are accurate.

by xDaniee 04/29/2016 00:00:00

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