Local Dumbass S4mus Main's Genius Idea
After Wednesday night Geelong weeklies I crashed at Dr Omega's place nearby as usual.
The following Thursday morning I travelled back to Melbourne CBD on my way home. It was a day off. No classes, not rostered for work, so I ran some errands. It was still early afternoon once I was done. Enjoying the city's atmosphere, I didn't feel the need to head home just yet, so I decided to relax with a book in the VIC State Library.
The lack of people in there sitting at their desks reading actual books instead of tablets and laptops was astonishing to me. Every desk had its own power outlets. Such is the wonderful modern era. What a time to be alive.
I sit, put my bag down and feel the relief of the weight of a Smash4 setup being lifted from my shoulders.
I then realize something. A spark of stupid genius.
I set that fucker up. On my desk right there. Wii U, Smash4, Gamepad.
What a sad guy.
Then I sit there and lab a bit of tech. I realize this is not what was meant to happen. I haven't gone far enough.
I reach for my phone and open the group chat.
"Okay fam who in the neighbourhood"
Good ol faithful TacticianEcho is nearby studying for an exam coming up the next day.
I reply to him with a gritty SpongeBob meme "Skool is 4 chumps".
He comes over and pulls out his controller. We have matches for nearly 2 hours. Top tier replays were made. Echo gets a Greninja Substitute spike. Mmmmmmm.
Last game Echo decides to go out with a bang, so naturally he counterpicks my Cloud with his Zelda.
After Zelda is brutally bodied by the super SOLDIER for a stock and a bit (this is VIC fam, we running 2-stock) I literally stop all movement and just stand patiently in the middle of the stage, glowing fiery blue.
Zelda, well over 100%, begins to dash dance, scared shitless.
"Make your move, son.", I whisper.
Going for the insane mix-ups, Zelda goes for the lightning quick, frame perfect pivot grab, but alas, is met with a green whirlwind of salt... Quickly followed by a pause, a low pitch "boop" SFX, then an exaggerated "NO CONTEST" with the unplugging of P2's controller.
A beautiful early afternoon well spent.

10/10 would do again.

by Kevvlar 06/09/2016 00:00:00

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