A crew battle between once friends now turned enemies is coming.
It all started with a Facebook post by Nothing showing off his Maccas run buffet with Revax, KTAN, React and Darkness.
The other home boys took offence with the appropriate response of "Mad invite, lads!"
The blame game began and then the squad's group chat was splitting apart.
The only way to settle this was to declare war like grown men as we battle it out in a Nintendo party game on the Wii U.

Who's side will you take?

#TeamNugs :
-Iron Revax


#TeamMadInvite :
-Captain Kevvlar
-Dr Omega

The loser team must shout the winner team Maccas

Coming Soon this upcoming CouchWarriors

by Kevvlar 07/01/2016 00:00:00

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