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NT smash tournament rules/time

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Bit of a late reply but I was the dude who posted the long essays on their facebook NT esports page. Basically criticizing their decision to go 4 players free for all timed matches (I know scrub ruling for a page wanting to grow an esports scene in the NT ). To put it short I argued the main points with relation to real athletic sports and the TO supplemented with the 2 stock 3 minutes rule. Which obviously he did somewhat implemented some of my points but not the main point. I had two of my bros attending the event and they are not by any means competitive players nor do they know normal Smash rules in general. But they were unhappy and shaking their heads the entire time during the event. And yeah having 1 game in the set basically gave no opportunities for adaption and comebacks. But yeah it's a learning step. I do know that the organizer of the event has very little knowledge of esports especially Smash. I do agree that he needs more set ups, volunteers to help run the event and paid entry so that people actually rock up. And yeah better commentators too. Coz it was terrible lol.
05/05/2017 11:29:38