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[Badge] DLC Character Movesets

Wii U: Snort71
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Hate to be rude, but where's my badge?
11/03/2017 04:31:30

[Badge] DLC Character Movesets

Wii U: Snort71
3DS: 0233-3087-8300
Crash Bandicoot

Crash would be a light-weight and a fast character with weak hitting moves. He would have great aerial agility and moves that come out quick. He can't hit very hard as previously said. Think of a sonic with Wario's air agility.

Jab: 3 Weak hitting punches to the opponent. Causes 9%.

Rapid Jab. First 2 hits are the same as the regular jab but the rapid part would come from Crash doing his spin attack. Think of Falco's rapid Jab.

N-Air: Would spin around in the air. Would have a hitbox all around him but it wouldn't be out for long.

F-Air: Crash flings his foot in-front of him.

B-Air: Throws a Wumba Fruit behind him. Acts like a short projectile that doesn't do much damage.

U-Air: Swings his Yo-Yo over his head. Multi-hit.

D-Air: Does the belly flop in Crash Twinsanity. Powerful but has quite a bit of lag.

U-Tilt: Crash would flick his snout upwards.

S-Tilt: Aku Aku is pushed forward damaging the opponent. Stays out for a short while.

D-Tilt: Does that foot slide from Crash Twinsanity and probably the games before it.

Crawl: Like in Twinsanity.

Grab: Like Sonic's

Pummel: Like Sonic's

U-Throw: Throws them at an up-ward angle like how you can throw Cortex in Crash Bandicoot Twinsanity.

F-Throw: Like the Cortex Hammer from Crash Twinsanity.

B-Throw: Like Mario's back throw + Crash spin. So a fist Mario Back Throw Spin thingy.

D-Throw: Throws them on the ground and kicks the back of the opponent's head. Pretty violent.

U-Smash: Headbutt like Mario.

S-Smash: Winds up a punch then releases it like Sonic.

D-Smash: Does some sort of JigglyPuff D-Smash but like the splits. Makes a cringing face in the process as that is classic Crash humour.

Neutral-B: Does the classic Crash spin. Reflects projectiles.

Side-B: Places TNT or Nitro on the ground. It's a 50-50 chance of it being either a TNT or a Nitro. Only 3 can be placed at once.

TNT (Side-B) Counts down from 3 and then automatically explodes.

Nitro (Side-B) Will be placed on the ground until someone steps on it. Deactivates after 20 seconds.

Up-B: Uses his Jetpack. Like Diddy Kong's but easier to control, but doesn't go as high.

Down-B: Aku Aku goes around Crash. It protects you from moves that do less than 9%. Sort of like Mega-Man's Down-B, but you can't shoot Aku Aku out like you can with the leaves. Protects you for 10 seconds, takes 20 seconds to recharge.

Up-Taunt: The Crash Dance of course! =)

Side-Taunt: Eats a piece of Wumba Fruit then points the thumbs up at the camera.

Down-Taunt: Grabs a gem from his mouth and shows it off.

FINAL SMASH: Calls in Cortex who is confused. Crash holds the pink crystal from Twinsanity which powered the way to get to the 10th Dimension. Cortex gets jealous and holds onto the crystal with Crash. Crash can now use cortex as an extension to his moves. Crash's moves get more range and power and he gets a couple of new moves like the Cortex Hammer and the Cortex Throw.

Thank you for looking at my idea, I hope you enjoyed!

10/11/2017 13:44:46

[Badge] 2017 QLD Smash Annual Forum Awards

Wii U: Snort71
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Can't wait to get my badge! =)

10/10/2017 02:58:02

[Badge] Amiibo Defect Badge

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<----- Meet my evil mafia!
10/07/2017 10:59:30

[Badge] 2017 QLD Smash Annual Forum Awards

Wii U: Snort71
3DS: 0233-3087-8300
1. Who is your favourite tournament organiser?
Jett Smash. He does it so well!

2. Which player do you enjoy watching the most?
Shadrew. Ryu is a very technical character and it's so exciting to see what silly and fun things he can pull off.

3. Who is your favourite Super Smash Bros. commentator?
McJobo easily.

4. If QLD Smash had a villain, who would it be?
Not too sure... Probably Mastodon?

5. Who is the most attractive Smash player?
Jaice or Trunkle.

6. Who do you find to be the most influential Smash player?

7. Who do you find to be the funniest Smash player?
Shadrew. He's really the only one I can recall making me laugh.

8. Who do you think is the best Smash player in Australia?
Jaice I guess.

9. Who do you think is the best up and coming Smash player?

10. Who is your favourite Smash player, for any reason?

Definitely Shadrew. He's my best friend and he's so kind! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for his tutoring. I use to be a For Glory scrub and Shadrew changed me into a competitive player. He's been my only and first best friend I've ever had. To this, I say that Shadrew is my favourite player! Thank you Shadrew!

09/30/2017 02:42:43