Ultimate Insight 1 : Luminescent
1) Despite being one of the best players in the state you've always held onto the "fun" aspect of Smash. How do you balance between not taking the game overly seriously and maintaining being such a high level player?

> I now normally don't go into a tournament with any expectations, particularly if I haven't played the game in a while. I would burn out too quickly if I expected that much of myself. Winning isn't necessarily what makes the game fun for me, having close and exhilarating sets really brings out the enjoyment of the game. The community has a bunch of amazing people and I have made many friends along the way, I think I'd be a pretty lonely and isolated person without smash.

In the first few months of the game's release, I did put a lot of expectations on myself. Almost all the tournaments I went to, I came 1st and never below top 3 and even started taking convincing sets off of Jaice (my Smash 4 bracket Demon). I was actually dreading going to tournaments with performance anxiety, thinking that there was an unrealistic expectation for me to keep on winning and I started I guess "fearing" the game. These days, I'm just so busy with work, my orchestra, and other things that I just don't have the energy or ambition to go to tournaments anymore. #adulting

I think the reason I do well is not because I have insane mechanics or even reads. I mostly just play in a way where I don't get punished and punish others for thinking they can punish me, I guess a "bait and punish / hit and run" playstyle. My mentality is if I don't get hit, I don't die. Or as people often say "Fundamentals".

2) You're one of the best doubles players QLD has produced. What makes you so good in that format? And what aspects of doubles do you enjoy?

> I think my aptitude in doubles comes down to my main. Wii Fit Trainer can deal SO much damage and at the same time, take no damage in the process. Often times when I double with Jaice, it is often he gets most of the kills, I stock tank and I also deal 500%-600%+.

I often struggle doubling with someone who plays another character that struggles to kill. I would pick on Shitashi here because Wii Fit and Megaman I feel just don't synergise very well. We both struggle to kill and can't really spam our projectiles safely as we often end up hitting each other.

I like to think I also have good awareness of my teammate also. If I ever see them in danger I try my best to aid them in whatever way I can. I also communicate verbally with my teammates If I find a strategy that seems to be working.

What else? I guess it's because I play Support in League of Legends? I do love playing a role where I am constantly looking out for others and enabling them to perform better. But I started League after I joined the smash scene so this may not be relevant.

3) You've consistently been one of the kindest and most welcoming personalities in QLD Smash. Outside of Smash itself, why is this an important value to you?

> Thank you, it's humbling to know that people consider me one of the kindest and welcoming people in the scene. Although, it seems I have been overtaken by Talie *angry fists*, my absence has indeed taken it's toll.

You could contribute my kindness to my religious upbringing. Being a church boy, you are constantly hearing sermons on how we should love and accept others, despite their differences. Mum was always a good example to learn from and I've come across many kind people in my life that have been role models to me.

I just find it easy to be nice to others. I would want people to treat me the way I treat others. So I guess it just comes naturally to me.

4) Who is a player in Ultimate that you see a lot of potential in? What about them has caught your eye?

> Short Answer: Verse, because his Banjo does fancier things than mine and I'm upset I can't recreate them.

Long Answer: Siq_Niq, the last tournament I went to, I met him quite early on in the loser's bracket (after "trolling" with my week 1 Banjo) and he took me to an intense game 5 with his Roy. I was quite overwhelmed by his pressure and he was my hardest set on the entire night. I think if he brushed up on his neutral and practiced safer pressure, he will rise up the ranks in no time.

5) If you retired from competitive Smash today what do you think your legacy would be?

> I think I already am semi-retired considering my complete absence at tournaments recently.

My legacy would be the best Wii Fit Trainer in Australia, especially since Waveguider doesn't play them anymore.

A few people have told me so already and I do have a little "fan club" of other Wii Fit Trainer mains in QLD (Dags & Squidfist). I'm a little chuffed honestly, I would never have thought I'd get good enough at this game to get interstate recognition. People have also said ZeRo knows of me (though I've never seen footage of him mentioning me).


Smash Bros isn't the only stage that Lumi performs on - he's been involved with the orchestra scene for many years and is actually performing this Sunday at Indooroopilly! It's a huge passion of his and tickets are still available so if you're interested check out these fliers for more info https://imgur.com/gallery/1PyM3Up

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