A quick look at SA before Phantom 2022
Perhaps one of Australia’s more overlooked scenes, SA heads into phantom this weekend to prove that despite our small size, that they are capable of hanging with the larger states in Australia. This time they have a smaller group of players heading interstate compared to the large group at BAM, and missing some key top level talent such as Taicho, Jamie, Con and Q. However despite the small size, they are sending a very strong group of players from our top and mid levels, and with no overnight bus to tire the fellas, South Australia goes in hopeful for the weekend ahead.

Of our group of eight players, three of our current PR head to Sydney this weekend, all seeded to make it out of pools and into top 64 sunday. The most notable SA attende at Phantom this weekend is resident SA number one, Ghost AKA BrickEnthusiast. After taking a long break from the game, and a disappointing performance at BAM, Ghost has returned to active competition in SA and remains dominant in region. In his switch to Zombie, there have been a few rough patches, losing to Goon, Q and Jamie, Ghost still is clearly number one, only placing below top two once since BAM. This weekend, the Brick Enthusiast goes into Phantom looking to prove that he is still a major threat to take the whole tournament.

The highest SA placer at BAM, and recently ranked number two, big Heaven looks to expand his ever impressive resume of results at Phantom. Showcasing impressive performances interstate this year, taking sets off of top talent such as DD, Inside, Beet and Shmu, Heaven is a sure threat to make major waves at Phantom. Recently switching from general to FGC to focus on solo Ken, Heaven has continued to impress in SA, taking sets off of Ghost, Taicho and Q, and despite some rocky losses he is always a safe bet to take top 3 at any given event. This weekend, Heaven looks to continue his hot streak of interstate success and prove his claim as Australia’s best shoto, just remember to keep your lemons at the ready.

The man of many tags and veteran Toon Link main, Jon Bombo returns to interstate competition for the first time since Phantom 2019. Jon was once again ranked 6th in our most recent power rankings and has been an ever relevant threat to all of SA, taking very solid wins over players like Heaven, Jamie and Taicho. After playing Toon Link for over 6 years, he is truly a master of the character and has a vast understanding of the game, showcasing it through masterful neutral and clean bomb combos, also known as bombos. At Phantom, Jon “Googlemaps”, “Aha, “The Grime” “Chromeboy” Bombo looks to return to the interstate spotlight and pull off some major upsets this weekend with his uncommon character and wealth of game knowledge.

SA also is sending our mid-level to compete at Phantom this weekend, with some of our stronger up and comers looking to make themselves known to interstaters and make some upsets. Yosha, local Ness main and top 15 in SA, is a familiar face to many VIC smashers, often travelling over there. He has managed to take wins off of players such as Q, Con and should not be underestimated as a potential threat to make it out of pools. Armed with a phenomenal punish game, Yosha has a keen eye to make some waves in pools and continue to impress out of state. Formerly SA PR in Smash 4, Falco main Aetos heads to Phantom looking to showcase what he is truly capable of with the bird. Taking sets off of Whissle, Jon and Stabbyj, Aetos is a potential threat to make some upsets this weekend. Local streamer man Fen heads to Sydney for this second major ever, looking to once again score big and make some waves. Following off of an impressive showing at BAM, making it out of pools, Fen looks to make it a double and repeat his success this weekend at Phantom. He remains a favourite to cause upsets and make another big run into the top 64. Puff and PT extraordinaire StrawberryMilk heads to his first interstate major looking to make big moves and even bigger upsets. A skilled player, he is capable of beating top level SA talent such as Con, Nikes and Htem. If you see the big milk man in your bracket path this weekend, do not sleep on him, or you may find yourself being slept on instead. Despite a season of what can only be described as “fucking around” and being unranked, Yellow has returned to taking the game seriously and is ready to show how good of a camper he really is. Taking sets off of players such as Jamie, Oscar and taking Taicho to game 3 multiple times, SA’s young child is an ever present threat and has the potential to annoy his way into making big waves at Phantom.

While this may be a smaller group than the BAM fellas, SA still has sent a strong presence to Phantom. With top level talent looking to prove how good they really are, and mid level players looking to cause chaos and make upsets in pools and top 64, SA looks poised to make themselves noticed this weekend and prove that they are capable of up there with the bigger states in the discussion of top AUS talent.

by Velveteen 07/15/2022 00:00:00

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