The Fight for Genesis 3 - SXC2k15
It’s been a big year for Australian smash. First, 7 in May featured some of the best Melee players in the world and had the first female winner of a major tournament. Perth and Sydney hosted new tournament series that were both won by out of state challengers. With all that having occurred in the last 11 months, what better way to round off the year’s proceedings than with what could be one of the biggest and most important tournaments in Australian smash history, Adelaide’s SXC 2K15.

Super Smash Bros. For Wii U

With a shot at a trip to Genesis 3 on the line and an incredible interstate turnout, there is sure to be fierce competition as players fight for not only the prize but also a shot at proving the worth of their state. Queensland, a state that has not travelled to any of the majors this year outside of Aerodrome’s appearance at BAM, will be looking to show just how good they are. With some people tipping Jezmo and Jaice as the best in Australia, they will both be looking to live up to expectations. Keep an eye on the following to do well:

· Jaice: Goes ham with an incredibly dangerous Rosalina and Luma. Also has a pocket Villager if he feels like mixing it up.

· Jezmo: Will be looking to prove he is Australia’s best over the weekend. Mainly plays Falcon and Diddy but has the talent to pick anyone on the CSS.

· Earl: Dominant Victorian Ryu and Little Mac. Has remained on top of the PR since its first release. Can be inconsistent but scarily good when on point.

· M: His fast flowing Palutena will leave you in awe. Name originates from his infamous ability to score Meteor KOs in Brawl.

· Waveguider: One of Australia’s few Internationally famous players. Deadly Wii Fit and teaches you to never underestimate a character.

· Kira: The deadly ZSS coming off the back of her win in Perth for DI Another Day, she will be looking to cement her place as one of Australia’s best players.

· Joel: WA’s sole PR representative. A methodical and precise player who loves to space you. Not afraid to use Luma’s jank factor for low percent kills.

· Atyeo: 2nd at BAM 7 with his Fox losing only to V’s Ness. Has been inactive of late but some say he’s been training with a talented Wii Fit so could surprise everyone.

· Shitashi: The stoic Mega Man main. A total character loyalist who is perfectly happy to circle camp you for eight minutes if it means he can win.

· Nikes: SA local and loyal Yoshi main, having mained him in every game since 64. Hasn’t been able to defeat Ghostbone but is far and away Adelaide’s second best player. If he gets a Ghost-less bracket, could go far.

· Ghostbone: Has dominated the SA scene all year. Plays just about every top tier on the roster, including but not limited to, Fox, Diddy, Sheik and MK. Hasn’t done incredibly well travelling but on home turf will be a force.

But of course, this is just a small taste of everyone who is attending. For a more comprehensive list, check out Bijou’s SXC analysis.

The Wii U tournament isn’t the only event to keep an eye out on over the weekend, with plenty of interstate crew battles planned and a huge fight between two national crews; LHC and K~H, there is sure to be nonstop entertainment should you choose to tune in.

Super Smash Bros. Melee and Project M

After the last Australian major, DI Another Day, had only a handful of interstate entrants, the SXC turnout is looking much stronger. It will be interesting to see how Adelaide’s finest compare to the Victorian talent, especially after a disappointing showing from SA at BAM 7. Here are just some of the players to look out for over the weekend:

· SA Nick: The best player in South Australia and a Marth main. Most notably placed 13th at BAM 7 and took home 2nd at last year’s SXC. Has improved considerably after a breakout performance at Buttonsmash 2015 and is widely considered the best player in the region. Could press even further ahead in the minds of the nation if he takes out this one.

· Muscat: Some say he’s a “lame” player but has enough results to not need to care. Considered 2nd best in SA despite only being in the tourney scene for a little over a year. Plays Peach.

· Splice: Known for his slow and methodical Falco that will camp with lasers when needed but isn’t shy to go ham on the combos. Placed well at BAM 7 and Town and Sydney. Will be looking to go all the way this time, his third major of the year.

· Atticus: Pragmatic yet inconsistent Fox. Great at the mental game and will assess your level of tilt mid match, knowing when to go in for the kill.

· Kaiza: The big name in the SA scene since joining nearly two years ago. Managed to bring the community together and is considered 3rd in the state’s PR. Mains Falco and on home turf could top the standings.

· Jamwa: Mains Lucas in Project M. Has very good results to his name including a 4th place at the last SXC. Will give anyone who’s not experienced in the Lucas MU trouble with his highly intelligent play.

· Flow Rats: One of SA’s top players and picked up Sheik after starting out as a Falco main. Renowned for his dangerous edgeguarding.

· Redact: Huge member of the Australian scene. Largely responsible for bringing the international faces to Shadowloo and BAM. A very technical Falco player and one of Melbourne’s tops.

And Everything Else!

But of course, this isn’t all SXC has to offer. There’s also a Brawl tournament, Mortal Kombat X, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Guilty Gear XRD, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom III and so, so much more. For more information about Smash, follow @Kaizmo on twitter and for more info about what else SXC has to offer, follow @SAFGC. For all streaming, and should have everything you need.

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