The teams attending the Invitational
Introducing the GvP Invitational, an invitation only tournament with the top 4 players from each scene coming together to battle it out to decide once and for all who the strongest scene in Australia is.

So let's get a run down on the teams attending and the players representing them.


Hailing from Canberra, the capital city of Australia comes the ACT scene, Canberra is an unusual capital city in that it is one of the smallest cities in Australia. The ACT scene is small and compact, but make up for it with quality players, having produced some amazing talent and boasting the best major placings per player number average in Australia, ACT is one scene you won't want to sleep on.

The big boss of ACT is a player who needs little introduction, known across the international smash world for his amazing mastery of wii fit trainer and incredible skill, as well as a solid secondary in Greninja who nearly managed to take a set win against Umeki's peach at BAM8, wave's fast paced and precise gameplay is a fan favorite.

A player who’s been on the up recently, the master of sex sex money money power exploded onto people's radar with a fantastic performance at Final Fight 5, taking out many top players along the way, with a new found attitude and love for competing, paz is a player to keep an eye on in the future.

One of Australia’s original Wifi Warriors and god of for glory, MapleMage has the ability to play almost any character at a tournament standard level, but when he gets his hands on the Falcon he becomes an absolute beast, famous for his trademark mastery of Falcons back air and creative combo’s.

An oldschool Ness player turned solo Zelda main, wiiman sets out at each tournament to prove the viability of Zelda, and has taken out some of the very best players in Australia with solo Zelda. Wiiman is also a member of ACT’s original unstoppable doubles team, which is one of the best in the country, and his beard game has been pretty on point recently as well.


The OG smash 4 scene on launch, sydney has had a number of incredible players across the game's history, including well known names such as Shaya, Kira and Meteor Master (MM), Sydney has been on a wane lately, but have always been an incredibly strong scene, will they burst back onto the scene at the GvP Invitational?

MM, otherwise known as Meteor Master, THE Palutena God, The Australian Fox slayer, and The Iron man champion, is a player like no other, sometimes referred to the reverse tier list due to his ability to play better the worse of a character he plays. His Palutena is almost certainly one of the best in the entire world, and he can play a vast variety of characters at an incredible level.
MM is one of the most creative and interesting players to watch, famous for consistently being able to pull out insane never seen before things in tournament, you never know what's going to happen when this man is feeling on.

The original Australian Mewtwo player, and considered by some to be the best Mewtwo in the country (and some would also say the best smash tag), Saucydancer is a talented player, having risen to the top ranks of Australia in a relatively short period of time. Always a chilled out fun guy, Saucy has been on hiatus lately, will he be able to rise up once more?

AKA Macho Man RRRandy Savage, The former #1 Luigi in Australia, who dropped the boy in green for the big strong fire lizard. Jesse has been one of Sydney's best players for almost the entire life of smash 4, he really shines in doubles though, being able to tear through your stocks like he tore through the WCW. Was it the Chad? The Chad was great.

Sydneys gentle boy wonder, Luco is a dedicated mother fan and sticks to his boys Ness and Lucas no matter what. Probably the nicest person IN Australia, Luco has exploded to the absolute top level of Australia recently and looks like he won't be stopping anytime soon.


Planet Gong holds no distinction between dreams and memes, one of the funniest and friendliest scenes in any game ever and an innovator in naming things in the Australian scene, the Gong scene have been working hard lately and catching up to the other scenes in smash skill, will this be the tournament they prove to the world that they can hang with the best of them?

Another player to have exploded onto the scene recently with some amazing performances, even if they are with SoNiC… If you can find it in your heart to look past that, you’ll find a killer Falcon and a frustratingly good Daddy Koopa, Kristine2016 is a player who you’ll find yourself attracted to no matter what your orientation is.

One of chillest (and best dressed) players you’ll ever meet, Buster is known for his hyper aggressive link, which totally shouldn't work but does, and his in-ability to consume large amounts of alcohol without complaining about it, Buster is a style boy 4 lyfe though so it's all good.

One half of Gongs power twin duo, Thorpenado is as relentless in his play as he is in real life (seriously the guy has a million commitments a day he sticks to), with a mental stamina like no other, the Thorpe twins are on their way up in Australia. With an Impressive showing in Newcastle recently and an insane offstage game, this Yoshi is ready to enter the Thunderdome.

Thrillhouse: Thrillhouse is a super down to earth easy going guy, always happy to have a chat and always eager to play, learn and improve. To balance out his super chill outside the game, inside the game Thrillhouse is an aggressive based fox, his signature play on the character is a mastery of the hipcheck technique.


The newest scene in Australia, Newcastle have been making rapid progress and impressing players across the nation. Having the homeground advantage, Newcastle looks to make a name for themselves as a premier destination for having both top players and the best tournaments around.

The OG Australian Fox player, Creator of the ACT and best coach AU.
Known for a very thinking and analysing playstyle, Atyeo loves to get in players heads and pick them apart. Atyeo is a former top player of Australia who fell off a lot in 2016. But with a relocation to the great newcastle and the additional of a powerful new training partner, THE Gman himself, is Atyeo set to reclaim his former glory in 2017? Probably not.

Due to an unfortunate choice of character, Benjam cops it from all angles, but maybe everyone should just stop complaining and maybe try not losing for a change?
Having earnt a strong reputation for sitting in the corner spindashing forever because he did it one time, Benjam holds the happiness of Newcastle in an iron fist and wont let go.
Underneath it all is just a boy who loves to play Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo WiiU

Introducing top player G-man, the master of ice walking and everything cool with Cpt. Falcon, Perfect pivot Extraordinaire, Footstool Father, Ainuss slayer and the Demon keeper, any player worth talking to knows that the Ice King himself is as badass as it comes. Having hard losses at his local seems recurring after big nights on the fairy dust and having to talk to brain dead golfers all day but catch this low handicap golfer on a full night’s rest and a positive attitude and you will be finding out quite soon if your father’s hair is thinning haha?

The master of cheese and progenitor of the infamous Yung Boi tier list, Kelp is a man who knows what he’s good at and sticks to it. Able to get under the skin of many a player, Kelp pushes a psychological advantage to probe his opponent for weaknesses to exploit. Known for his usage of PK fire, as well as PK fire and PK fire, this joke was about as funny as being hit in the head with a golf club. Ask him about his trophy sometime.


Another OG scene with a lot of smash history and prestige, Victoria have been working hard as of late and their progress is showing, going from having 0 players in the top 8 of SXC 2015 (arguable the most stacked tournament ever in Australia at the time) to having 7 players in the top 8 of SXC 2016, Victoria is not a scene to take lightly as they go into the Invitational to prove their absolute dominance over Australia.

Extra is a player who has earnt his way up the ranks from beginner to the absolute peak of Australia, and in this writer's humble opinion the current #1 player in the country, Extra is a player you can't help but root for, having made his way to the top with hard work and perseverance.
Just imagine for a second that the best player in your country wasn't a Sheik, or a Diddy, but a Game and Watch main, that's the level of baller we are talking about here.
If you’d like to know more about his amazing player you can read about him here:

A dual fox and Mac main, and almost certainly the best player in the country at both of those characters, Duon has taken to calling himself the Coach lately, but we all know who the real coach is. Duon is also the artist behind pretty much every scenes PR image, maybe he should introduce himself as PR artist guy instead? Coming off of a big major win at SXC, Duon will be a strong player to keep an eye on this weekend, especially for players from Louisiana.

Originally a strong solo Mario main, Ignis now boasts an incredible Robin, and uses both characters at a very high level. Ignis is known for his strong pressure and incredibly deep technical knowledge with both characters.

Coming in with a strong 5th place finish at SXC 2016, this friendly humble player is all about Metaknight, with a playstyle that relies on looking for openings and punishing them as far as he can go, he is one to watch out for. Known for his stone cold killer face and incredible patience and mental control, Yehya will wait as long as he need to in order to get that perfect opening.


The home of the famous Kurogane hammer, QLD have always been a big name in Australian smash 4, with the dynamic duo of Jezmo and Jaice dominating QLD and always having outstanding performances out of state. QLD always bring a great amount of energy to any event they attend. The players being sent forth from almighty Queensland haven't done very much travelling or playing interstate, so they are coming in ready to make their mark on the Australian meta.

QLD’s Falcon main, so you know he’s all about the rushdown swag (and switching to cloud when things get rough, how can you have a name like KNEESUS and play cloud???). When his back is against the wall and his blood gets pumping expect to see some insane play out of this man with a heavy punish game and overwhelming pace. Will the king of second place break the curse?

Seymour butts:
With both a tight patient neutral game and solid offstage game, seymour's Yoshi isn't one to take lightly as he is most likely the best Yoshi in the country. Specializing in short hop air dodge mixups (that hidden brawl tech), on the fly adaptation, and hard boiled reads, this man will make you ready to see more butts.

Coming in with the lightning fists and strong fundamentals, Vasi is ready to prove to Australia his mastery of Mac. Known for his strong punish game and ability to deal with Mac’s weaknesses With wins over some of the best in the country, this is one of those players who can beat anyone.

In typical Mario fashion, Cava has an insane combo game and is very good at pressing the A button and the upwards stick. Currently on the war path ready to take a tournament win off of Jaice, Cava is feeling hot hot hot and ready to take it to the rest of Australia. Will cava be able to summon a performance to steal the mario crown?

Boasting a brand new venue designed and built by smashers for smashers, as well as a never seen before tournament format, an incredible stream experience planned, an analyst team and the biggest names in Australian smash, this tournament is going to be one to write on your calendars.

More details on the event can be found here:
And Don’t miss our stream of the event!

by Atyeo 01/10/2017 00:00:00

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