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Regular Super Smash Bros. tournaments in New Zealand

Wellington Super Smash Bros. tournaments


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
When: 12pm - 6pm, biweekly
Where: 49 Manners St, Wellington, New Zealand
Cost: $5
Twitch stream:

Smash-Net is a biweekly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event held in Wellington. The event features both a singles and a teams double elimination bracket. When there are large numbers of entrants, sometimes an arcadian bracket is run for players who get knocked out early.

Please register for the event on Challonge at Please be wary that there is no parking at the venue and that parking nearby in the street and in other buildings is limited. You are able to use the bus network to get to the venue.

Please remember to bring consoles to the venue. For more information on the rules of the event see
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Project M Super Smash Bros. Melee
When: Biweekly on a Sunday, 12pm - 6pm
Where: Arepa Gamers Club, Level 2, Grand Central Tower, 76 Manners St, Te Aro
Cost: $5 venue fee
Twitch stream:

What a Stitch Up (WASU) is a biweekly Super Smash Bros. event held on Sunday afternoons in Wellington. The tournament features Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee, as well as Project M. For each game there is a singles double elimination bracket.

Registration for the event is handled on the Challonge page at Please take note that there is no parking at the venue and only limited street parking nearby. There are various bus lines which pass by the venue.

Please remember to bring consoles to the event. For more information on the ruleset see
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Christchurch Super Smash Bros. tournaments

Christchurch Ranbats

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Melee
When: Saturdays fortnightly, 10:30am - 5:30pm
Where: Christchurch University, Living Room, University Drive, Ilam
Cost: $5 venue fee

Christchurch Ranbats is a fortnightly fighting game event which features a variety of games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee, Tekken, Street Fighter V and DBFZ. The Super Smash Bros. Bros events feature double elimination singles brackets.

Registrations for the event are handled on Parking at the university is free on the weekend and there are also buses which pass by the university.

Please remember to bring setups if you are able to.

Dunedin Super Smash Bros. tournaments


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
When: Fortnightly 3pm - 8pm
Where: OUSA Clubs & Societies Centre, 84 Albany St
Cost: Free

FightZone is a fortnightly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament in Dunedin which also features Tekken 7. The tournament features a singles double elimination bracket with other brackets sometimes possible depending on the numbers.

There is no need to register, simply show up on the day before 4pm to register. The location can be reached by bus and there is also food nearby. For those who are driving there is parking in the nearby streets which is free on Sundays. It is not required to bring equipment but it always helps!

For more information either check the Facebook page below or join the NZ Social Smash Discord.
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