Aero, will you be doing hotel this weekend? I will be going to mana bar, also go to UQ if Aero is doing hotel.
09/28/2014 13:14:57
i want to go to both the UQ tournament and the mana bar tournament and win them with megaman
09/28/2014 13:12:57
crayon pls
09/28/2014 13:12:41
R4VEN, see this on Saturday before mana bar tournament.
09/28/2014 13:12:04
dont dream about people in power ranger suits
09/28/2014 13:11:47
i'd seen one half of a trailer the other day so ididnt even know what it was about. but yea defs worth a watch. i judge movies much
09/28/2014 13:11:21
good night friends
09/28/2014 13:09:54
I really want to see that, didn't know it was out yet. So it it good or just some teen drama with a theme?
09/28/2014 13:07:49
was it good? i was like obsessed with mazes for a period of my childhood...
09/28/2014 13:06:01
watched maze runner
09/28/2014 13:04:43
Isn't it hard to defy the truth?
09/28/2014 13:02:53
i expect zydro to defy all these rumours about ike being crap
09/28/2014 13:00:32
09/28/2014 11:48:14
Hai guyz
09/28/2014 11:45:17
Can't wait to try Little Mac.
09/28/2014 10:45:15
Chraven please post images so I can take them for quickdraw
09/28/2014 09:55:22
I sometimes feel like I have a fanbase, it would explain why most people seem to know me where ever I go.
09/28/2014 08:18:54
You gals are worse than kotake and koume
09/28/2014 07:58:19
SISTERS! please
09/28/2014 07:34:43
except it's not, i can assure you
09/28/2014 06:56:27
his fanbase
09/28/2014 06:38:37
what about boozer is big? nothing.
09/28/2014 06:37:44
Oh, that new site smell.
09/28/2014 06:33:53
Boozer is too big for this site
09/28/2014 01:46:12
09/28/2014 01:24:20
depends what mood im in
09/28/2014 00:03:24
09/27/2014 22:22:28
Who do you like more: ness or rosalina?
09/27/2014 15:55:43
Ness, Rosalina and Emery have returned guys
09/27/2014 15:32:51
I was born ready. HERE WE GOOOOOOO
09/27/2014 15:03:37
Ready sisters?
09/27/2014 14:58:04
furst tha wurst. seccond da bess. therd th goleden prinsess
09/26/2014 11:48:57
09/26/2014 11:46:54