Imagining Ring Fit Adventure in Smash
I love Ring Fit Adventure. Like many others I initially wrote the game off as "just another Wii Fit" but after spending near 50 hours with it I can honestly say it kicks ass. And due to its constant shortages and 2 million + copies sold I think it's safe to say that I'm not the only one that holds that opinion. Nintendo kind of stumbled into a hit and it's time for me to tell you why it's getting a rep on Fighters Pass 2.

The trend of Fighters Pass characters is leaning into recent Nintendo First Party characters with Byleth and the forth coming ARMS rep and I can see the protagonist of Ring Fit Adventure (the Ring Fit Adventurer (RFA for short)) being the next on that list. Ring Fit is enormously popular in Japan, the base game is still receiving huge updates 5 months after release and Ring Fit has already caught Smash's eye with a couple of Spirits sneaking in. As they say in life, money talks, and Ring Fit is a money machine. It's currently selling past the 2 million mark which has overtaken ARMS and more than doubled what any Xenoblade game was selling when Shulk made it in. Embrace it good boys and girls, this is happening.

"But wait, wouldn't RFA just be a Wii Fit Trainer echo" I hear the voices cry. No you ignorant slut, let me tell you how RFA is going to share ZERO moves with Wii Fit Trainer and be something completely unique in Smash.

What makes this character unique
+ Like the core game, RFA is a character that rewards engagement. Every non special attack that you land fills up an ingredient bar that can be consumed with side b and down b (more on those in a bit). The bar is located at the bottom of the screen but RFA's hair gets that fire glow stuff when it's at full. When you lose a stock the bar empties.
+ RFA has a couple of attacks based on windboxes which makes their ability to gimp recoveries very strong but as a trade off they too are easy to edge guard. The second jump shoots a window box downwards and has floating properties but no where near as strong as Peach's float. That downward window box is gonna be so aggravating sorry.
+ I've knicked this idea off Byleth, but each of the four core exercise styles in Ring Fit are tied to different different directional attacks.
+ Ring Fit has an emphasis on multiple reps so each normal move (outside of Smash attacks) can be turned into a multihit with rapid button presses. The multi hit version of the move has a longer FAF.

Neutral B - Ring Gust
You can tap B up to 3 times to shoot a short gust of wind that does no damage but some pushback. Think Megaman's jab for the timing. You can also hold B to do a single slightly larger gust that does low damage and the same small pushback.

Up B - Flight
RFA flies up at a 45 degree angle with no hitbox. Goes far but very interceptible and predictable. Recovering high with the second jump's float is always optimal with Flight being a last resort.

Side B - Stand Up Paddle Boarding (Da Boat)
Shoots forward at a high speed with decent knockback. Like a toned down Wonderwing. Consumes the entire Ingredient bar and can only be used when the bar is 50% filled or higher.

Down B - Smoothie
OK here's the real shit. When the ingredient bar is full you can open up a menu and choose between a red, yellow, blue and green smoothie. The red smoothie adds an extra 3% to each attack and makes arm attacks have higher knock back. Yellow makes all damage received decrease by 3% and makes ab moves have stronger KB. Blue increases movement speed a bit and makes leg attacks have stronger KB. And finally Green heals 5% and makes all Yoga throws notably stronger. These throws will now be killing mid weights at ~120%. The animation for making the smoothie is uncancellable and has long start up. When the smoothie is made the entire bar depletes and won't recharge until the smoothie wears off.

OK time for a bunch of words only gym junkies like myself will appreciate. I will perform these for you if requested. I just did them for my wife and she didn't care.

Ab attacks
Jab - Standing twist
Ftilt - Overhead lunge twist
Fsmash - Pendulum bend
Dash attack - Seated forward press
Nair - Overhead hip shake
Bair - Leg scissors
Fair - Open and close leg raise

Arm attacks
Utilt - Overhead arm twists
USmash - Victory Pose (credit to my hot wife for this suggestion)
Uair - Back press

Leg attacks
Dtilt - Thigh press
Dsmash - Overhead squat
Dair - Knee lifts

Yoga attacks
Grab has slight suction windbox and slightly worse FAF for balance
Uthrow - Fan pose
Dthrow - Chair pose
Fthrow - Standing forward fold
Bthrow - Warrior 3 pose

Final Smash is a cinematic of the Fitness Rush which you use on the bosses

The level is Sportan Highway which is a large level like Hyrule Temple but not as vertical. Lots of multi level ramps, rivers and stuff. Not even close to legal but good for a laugh.

FTA has 13 skins! Both female and male skins with the default outfit, variations based on the 4 Masters and Dragaux. The 13th skin is one based off Tipp who only has a male skin.

Phew, I can't wait for RFA to be announced in June. Go tell your mates that your uncle at Nintendo told you the goss

by Mittens 04/14/2020 00:00:00

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