Ultimate Insight 12 : Jungleo
1) You're one of the most prominent artists in QLD Smash. What are some of the projects that you've worked on so far?

> I’ve done a bunch of artwork for Queensland smash and, honestly, that’s where I find that I have the most enjoyment. I’ve been given so much opportunity to expand on whatever artistic ideas I have in a topic. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making such projects as the QLD40 (2019, Q4) and, more recently, the Flip the ‘Swich logo, transitions and animations. It’s been extremely rewarding to learn how to use programs like Photoshop and After Effects and see the outcome. But maybe I’m a bit biased towards my love of the Brisbane smash scene. I have also done multiple artworks for Sydney and a piece for Utah, which was such an exciting growth for me. I’ve always loved art, but never made any graphics as I kind of had no reason to. Yet, with smash, it has given me an output to use my skills and passion for a community that I really, really love

2) What does your creative process look like?

> My creative process really ranges depending on a project. Usually, if I’m starting from scratch, it’s an inkling of an idea. I’ll explore it using various mediums. Sometimes just a sketch on a page, other times a full blown 50-layer piece using Photoshop. It can really range depending on the project I do. Once I have an idea, I’m sort of like a hurricane – a frenzied mess, rushing to blot stuff on a canvas. Though, it’s not to say I haven’t been affected by art block or burn out. Recently, I’ve taken a step back from creating commission pieces in an attempt to focus on improving and enjoying my own artwork. I think it’s extremely important for artists in the Smash community to recognise when they need to take that step back as burn out is definitely real.

3) You're one of the very few female players in the QLD Smash community. Why do you think QLD has such a low number of female players and what do you think could be done to make events more accessible?

> This was definitely the hardest question for me to ponder. Yet, I think it comes down to percentages. Personally, I’d believe that the percentage of men who play multiplayer, competitive video games disproportionally outweighs that of women. And even further, of those women who do play competitive video games… how likely is it that they would play Smash? How likely is it that they’d want to take it to that next level? It’s a lot of questions to consider – I don’t believe there is a problem with our community, rather, it lies in the actual number of girls or women who play video games, or even Smash, on a “more-than-casual” level. My experience in the QLD Smash community has been nothing but good. I’ve been both welcomed and nurtured and have never felt uncomfortable in a situation. I feel like I’m in a place where I have a very strong community to rely on. Honestly, that’s the reason I’ve stayed –the people and friends I have met. I’m not sure what could be changed in order to encourage more female players to attend as I don’t believe that there are that many to begin with. The QLD Smash community is already doing a great job in encouraging and supporting the women and girls that are already part of this amazing scene.

4) You're part of the up and coming Smash crew Bust a Move. What did your journey to joining the crew look like and what do you enjoy about being part of BaM?

> Well, my journey to becoming BaM was way back at my first tournament in March 2019. At this first tourney, the singular game I took was off of Nick (out of the four other people in my pool), which I still hold proudly to this day. After that, we quickly became friends, I was invited to the big bam and soon began to meet all my other bammies. It was a group of naturally nurturing and supportive friends that I hadn’t really come across in any other aspect of my life. BaM grew my love for the smash scene and was the only reason why I really became passionate about smash.

5) What do you think are some of the mental health benefits of being part of the Smash community?

> I definitely think that Smash has helped improve my mental health in many aspects. It’s given me a casual, but competitive, experience in that I can strive to improve in, and I can imagine it’s the same for various members over the community. Not only that, but it’s a great place to find like-minded individuals. I’m positive that the Smash community has given many players lifelong friends whom they may not have gained if they hadn’t joined in. Though, this is not to say that Smash doesn’t have some mental health defects. I know that the pressure of being competitive and good at the game can make some people’s mental even worse. It even goes further to extend into almost every social hang that a person may join in on. It’s a hard balance to find – caring about the game, but it not being the end of the world when you do lose. On a personal level, I’m in a great middle at the moment. I feel secure in my skill. Of course, I care if I lose, but it’s not as big as a deal as it has been in the past. Every time I play, no matter if it’s a win or a loss, I’m getting more confident in my ability to adapt and furthering my skills and there’s no reason to be upset about that. There is great, great power to having a mental like this and is the only reason I have been improving as of late


Junlgeo has chosen to highlight her favourite song - Know the End by Phoebe Bridgers. Prior to this recommendation I had never heard of this artist but I was really impressed by this song. Phoebe's vocals are haunting and absolutely dripping with emotion. The first half of the track is fairly sparse which makes it all the more powerful when the back end of the song builds into a crescendo that's so powerful that if you don't feel something from it, I recommend you check your pulse. Personally it conjures up feelings of knowing that the inevitability of the end is barrelling towards me but I'm ready for it with open arms - just fantastic stuff.

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