Ultimate Insight 19 : Kaboose
1) You're one of QLD's most liked players due to your focus on having fun with the game above all else. What do you think the advantages are of making Smash a more playful experience as opposed to a hyper competitive one?

> That's sweet to hear that, I'm hope ya'll are having fun as well.

I mean I guess the obvious answer would be that you are less likely to tilt when your having fun and it helps you get into your groove to set the pace much easier. It is very momentum heavy with very little pressure not worrying on the outcome.

I think it can sometime backfire if you're in a particularly frustrating match up or you aren't having a great day beforehand it can compound into your game play much easier not having the competitive motivator to push through.

I don't think its an optimal strategy in all seriousness as winning doesn't hold much value but losing still does sting on days you just aren't having fun with.

It isn't an intentional game plan it's just how I've always enjoyed the medium.

2) Many consider you to be on the cusp of PR. What do you think it would take for you to break through to that level and do you consider it a goal?

> Oh for sure I could nab PR, It's not really a list item to be honest getting a bye is just less games to have fun in, if it happens it happens but I'm not currently that focused on improving just playing when I can.

I'd say my biggest set back in higher level sets and in general is I have a shocking memory problem, I'm pretty much running on muscle memory every match. It's not rocket science but writing shit down and actually looking at it pre set would be catapult my results, ironically I forget to do it.

Sometimes it takes me like 3 games to remember what worked last set and by then it's a little to late most the time. So yeah VOD reviews and note taking is the key to improving do that and read them before you play to have a good time.

3) Your partner EpicTiffy often enters events. Have you found your tournament experience changes depending on if she's competing? And what is it like when you have to face each other in bracket?

> Nah, I mean we have been playing smash together for 10 years any of those nerves have sailed along time ago. Sorry I don't really have any advice to give on the subject I'm just lucky to have a supportive loving partner.

Losing to your friends have to be the best people to lose to as you can ask them what you did wrong and practice your weak points more often than with a casual acquaintance. Don't hesitate to ask your opponent for tips as most players are more than happy to talk about the game and help.

4) What are some of your favourite memories from your time in the Smash community?

> Question is a bit awkward as yeah I don't remember much, most prominent would be the crew related stuff outside of events themselves honestly just hanging out with the fellas and grinding friendlies for countless hours.

Single moment though for sure the beach vs ocean crew battle at TNF with mvp Tingle https://youtu.be/qzYQHLkfVoc?t=775 Any event with items have to be my favourites like the Banjo vs Sans battle as well.

Probably obvious but I'm a big fan of items I only turned them off after attending my first tournament in 2019 and have always missed them since.

5) What is some advice you have for players that are no longer finding the game or tournament experience rewarding?

> Not sure what advice I can give I think I'm playing this game out of pure nostalgia at this point. It all comes from what you want out of the game I guess.

Try and always look for the silver lining to events if you get eliminated early that means you have more time to socialize and play friendlies. Make connections and join a crew or even make your own if possible.

Maybe not what most people want to hear but Smash isn't everything. It should be a small part of your day and life. From a healthy perspective being in a good fulfilled place in your life will make you play better. On the other hand you need to let your brain meditate away from the game to make those connections muscle memory.

Either way be good to yourself and those around you and things will work out.


Kaboose has requested that everyone reading this goes out and treats themselves because y'all deserve love and respect no matter what. Also here's a video of a bunny https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/820561132099338240/828430871844880384/bunny_falls_onto_mic.mp4

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