GVP TNT #4 Report
GVP Thursday Night Throwdowns #4

This week brought us GVP TNT’s 4th tournament, although it is merely a rename of the old weeklies – “GVP TNB”. The tournament reached a total of 28 entrants, slightly on the higher end of entrants for this weekly although as of late it’s starting to look like the norm. A lot of the scene’s PR was in attendance but without maGs, Guts and Mikkle there was room for some interesting placements in Top 8.


Beet vs Spike Continues: Last season we mainly saw Beet vs maGs in finals, but with maGs being mainly inactive so far this season we’ve seen Newcastle’s long time powerful Bowser Jr main – Spike, rise up and take on Beet most weeks. While Spike was inactive for a solid first half of the last season, he was still able to squeeze into 3rd place on the PR. He was able to take some sets off Beet and even win a monthly, but he was frequently gatekept by Newcastle’s number 2 – maGs, who he’s yet to take a set off. With her out of the picture for now Spike has been able to challenge Beet a lot more often and really push Newcastle’s star player to his limits. This week they faced off in Winners Finals where Spike was able to show Beet’s Falco what he’s made of, winning over him 3 – 1, placing Spike in Winners side of grands. Beet smashed through Losers Finals to make it back to Spike in grands where they had a nail-biting game 5 set that Beet managed to steal to reset bracket. With Spike seeming a little dazed from the close set, Beet seized his opportunity to win the reset 3 – 1 and claim another win under his belt. We’ll be excited to see how this rivalry plays out :)

MetalForce scores his first Top 3 in a while: MetalForce is a Snake main currently ranked 7th in Newcastle. He is pretty consistent with his placements of 5th and 7th with the occasional 4th. Last night, he was able to push himself into that much deserved Top 3 with some impressive wins! His run started off a little shaky with a close 2 – 1 set to the Roy main – DingoBear and then losing to the previously mentioned Spike dropping him to losers bracket. MetalForce started to regain his momentum with a win on Dag – a Zelda player to secure his spot in Top 8 but Metal wasn’t done yet. He proceeded to squeeze past Newcastle’s best Yoshi – Techlord in a game 5 set! He then took out veteran player Merebry who’s been back on the climb again as of late. This put Metal in Top 4 where he faced off against Bass the King Dedede who’s ranked one spot above him on the PR, it was a close back and forth set but Metal managed to push himself to winning game 5 and making top 3! He was then taken out by Beet in Losers Finals to end his impressive run. We’re interested to see if Metal can keep this momentum going in the next few weeks.

Corg makes Top 8 after losing WR1: Corg is a Cloud player who has always been a good competitor, able to keep up and scare those above him and squeeze in some good wins but has trouble pulling through in sets he could’ve won. Corg lost his Winners Round 1 set to Ulticow who he was seeded to beat. This left Corg in Losers Round 1 and a rough path to making Top 8 but despite the odds he was able to do so. Taking out DingoBear, Linguini and the talented Cotton to make it into Top 8! He was then 3 – 0’d by Delta the Donkey Kong player showing that he still has some ways to go against the stronger players but we’re sure Corg will be back fighting stronger than ever in the next few weeks!


Overall, it was a good night for GVP, some smaller notes were Cotton the Rosalina taking a set off Snake main BD who’s ranked 8th in Newcastle. Techlord the Yoshi taking out MegaloManiAsh the Sephiroth who he was seeded below to make Top 8. Dag the Zelda was able to snipe BD out of losers early in a close game 3 set! Looking forward to seeing how next week plays out at GVP, until then, take care!

-Faithe (maGs)

by maGs 05/28/2021 00:00:00

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