Pythvitational 2 | LUSH LOWDOWN
Deemed the Smash Summit of QLD (by myself), the second iteration of Pythvitational will display high production value and a quality stream in a house-tournament environment. This all-star bracket is being hosted by Python (, going live at 11am AEST this Saturday 17th July.

20 players are invited including 5x PR and 1x HM, presenting stars like the #1 PR SadHour, the defending champion Jix (and Kazuya) and more. However, I'd like to shine the spotlight on a few wild card players who I predict will easily outperform their seed.


Murke Pikachu
The former QLDer Murke is coming back to his hometown to compete, utilising his sharpened skillset confidence after heavy practice with the Melbourne Scene. After a thrilling performance last Tuesday at EBS, he placed extremely well despite the attendance of some of the biggest names of the Australian scene, barely losing to P9 for 13th. Murke will be up against 6 members of his own Bust a Move crew, and we are all keen to see what dat Pika do.

Bro1 Wolf
Bro1 made PR with Wolf in his first season and continues to display top 5 level play at recent events. He placed 2nd at the latest Gold Coast weekly (GCFC 23) beating Onigiri, Dags, Recon and Jix, only losing to QLD’s #1. With consistent top 8's at the last three FNS’s, 2nd at Redland Rumble 4 and 2nd at Smash on the Downs, Bro1 is the strongest wildcard on this list at 4th seed as he could easily take the entire tournament.

Mittens BylethBowserPikachu
Right after retiring from competitive smash, Mittens has decided he's not so 'adult as heck' anymore and wants another round. As a veteran player, Mittens has the raw experience and x-factor to pull off a massive result if the odds are in his favour. With a big pool of characters including Byleth, Bowser or Pika, Mittens is and will always be a scary opponent to fight in bracket.

Ricky Clean RoyMario
Big Rick earned 2nd place at the last Pythvitational losing to Jix in Grands and is looking for the throne again. However with the presence of 5 PR players as well as some hidden talent, Ricky will need to find a way to overcome these threats. Although compared to all the other names he seems like an underdog, Ricky always has a few surprises up his sleeve (and characters). Will he be able to push through?


Be sure to tune in on Saturday 11am AEST at for some quality smash bros, guaranteed upsets and top level play :)


by LUSH 07/16/2021 00:00:00

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