Googers Outback Jamboree II: Electric Googaloo ft. Earl, Boozer and many more!
After an unusually early wake-up of 8am, I began my long trek towards GUF Geelong to be greeted by Paul (the guy who owns GUF) and an explicit lack of smashers, leaving me to suffer and to pretend that I knew why I came so early.

Shortly after I was greeted with the presence of Googers and his crew, followed by the Ignismobile carrying Pudge, Hotpockets, Extra and Baron and god knows how many setups. As S@S's main boys arrived just after we were already behind in setup and on track to start bracket late, but friendlies got played and as most people expected, doubles started half an hour late. Surprisingly we didn't need to find out inner Dread and almost DQ'd, but the key to success with any great event is to allow flexibility and luckily for Boozer and Leisha the promised land did not rob them of their 3rd place.

Highlights of the day were Tim From Longlyfe and his level 9 luigi CPU defeating myself and Dean attempting to play double charizard, but a lesson was learnt today by Tim, he knows know to just open the door that they have closed on you, and believe in what you've been given.

Duon and Extra continued their doubles dominance, only dropping one set in grand finals to Deez and Jei, who reset the bracket 3-2 but couldn't stop Duon and Extra from turning it around for a 3-2 win.

Melee was given a small room on the side to suit their primitive needs and filled with plenty of firsts. Rin starting his run by defeating Scorp (well known for the fiscal feud with S.D.), who immediately left the venue, in a salty exit. Rin then went on to show what Geelong was made of taking on the losers bracket like it was nothing and ran through losers bracket without dropping a game, taking his first tournament win over Izzago, another geelong local, however losing 3-1 to Earl in grand finals, who only dropped two games, the other to Jei. Hype began early however with Googers facing off against Sosej in losers round 2, a long awaited rematch with more than the tournament life on the line, but almost another 3 months of pride and joy in the others life. Googers decided to be a filthy crouchcheater which proved too much for sosej who fell at the hands of Australia's best roy.

Melee doubles also ran on the side, Izzago and Hobs almost sweeping through the entire event until finally having a game taken off them by Rin and Nubs1, who eventually lost grand finals 3-1. Scorp's salt began flowing early after losing to the eventual champions early, making remarks discussing the legitimacy of their sexual orientation and how he enjoyed spending time with his opponents female relatives on a regular basis.

Smash 4 singles was a hoot for all involved and proved to be just as stacked as your average geelong locals, with 6 of the top 10 Victorian players and easily another 10 that could upset any one of them if they had a good day, with only 46 players in bracket it was tough competition for all involved. Only a single upset occured with Geelong local mat7772 taking a set of Jei on winner's side 2-1, but with hype sets continuing on with mat going on to lose to Ignis but defeat Swithi 2-1 and then bring Boozer to a game 5, last stock, last hit situation where he fell short and came in 5th, tying with Jei.

Top 4 brought along some great sets with Boozer and Ignis going to game 5, Ignis bringing out his Robin and Mario in an attempt to slow down the pain train known as the booze cruise but failing to win a 3rd game and losing to Boozer 3-2. On winner's side, Extra took the first game off of Earl's Ryu, however a quick character swap to Meta Knight changed the pace of the set and gave Earl the momentum he needed to take the next 3 games, Extra opting to stick with Wario which landed him in loser's finals, facing Boozer.
Boozer's momentum from loser's bracket carried with him into loser's finals, showing dominance over Extra and 3-0'ing him.
Grand finals was one of the hypest in a long time, most people starting to dwindle off and tire out however both players looked as ready as ever for what they were about to face. Earl brought out the Ryu for which he is known for and Boozer playing his namesake character Bowser, the pair traded games with Boozer taking the first, Earl the second, and so on until game 5, which Boozer took to reset the bracket. A much more dominant reset was shown by Earl, where both players continued to prove themselves and Earl showing that he deserves to be top seed winning 3-1 over Boozer and taking out two events for the day.

The main event happened immediately after with 10 men ready to defend the bread they truly loved.
Garlic bread had some last minute changes and began by throwing out Xettman who made the interesting choice to play Samus against the youngest member of Banana bread, HydroPimp who showed his Bowser put in work and only dropped 1 stock against Xettman who quickly copped it from the rest of his crew for sandbagging. Jei quickly proved that he deserved his spot on garlic bread only losing one stock to HydroPimp and taking his remaining 2, then quickly eliminating sosej's 3 stocks without dropping one of his own. Banana bread began to feel nervous but Ignis proved that he was truly their trump card, quickly removing Jei's last two stocks, losing one of his own, and 3 of Pudge's, again, only losing a single stock, and then taking all 3 of Echo's stocks before Garlic bread brought out their final weapon, Googers. Googers once again proved himself to be on top of the crew battle PR, finishing Ignis' last stock before you could blink and taking all 3 off of Boozer's Charizard, losing 2 of his own.

It all came down to this.

Baron's Yoshi, with 3 stocks, and Googers' Bowser Jr., with 1.

Everyone sat glued to their seats, knowing that this wasn't over yet, with Googers taking control of the stage early, but Baron quickly turning it around and putting Bowser Jr. at 120%, and losing his stock to a quick up-smash from Googers. Baron continued to rack on damage until Googers was almost at 160% and people knew the end was near, Googers would get trapped by an egg and a upsmash into an upsmash after he popped out would end the crew battle leaving banana bread the victors, and to claim their prize of forcing the garlic bread members to suffer through consuming the bread they came to hate at the February Ranbats.

Massive shoutouts to everyone who came and helped out and played today, couldn't have done it without you, and thanks to GUF Geelong for giving us a venue and monitors for the event!

by FramesJanco 01/30/2016 00:00:00

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