Bam 9 Biggest Threats
These are the only people you need to worry about. For simplicities sake I separated them into states.

Sonder - He is quite possibly the best Ryu and Lucario in Aus. Massively slept on.

MrL - He is called MrL because he makes you hold that L. Or something like that.

Maribro - As the current leader on the Brawl ladder will he be planning on keeping his title? Also apparently he beat a guy at PM once.

BigWInBeer - 2nd best DHD in Aus (behind Pudge) and could potentially cause many upsets.

I'm not actually sure who is from this scene apart from ghost so Ill just say "Aha" is gonna be good.

Skitter - Has been dominating Victoria whilst remaining hidden. Having wins over Earl, Haiku, Pudge and Spacejam and yet no one has heard of him. Really a hidden boss.

Spacejam - I was gonna win last year but I let Mat2 make it out of pools cause he looked so sad. I spent the last year not playing smash in preparation for this moment.

Hydropimp -

Scarpian is cool, I hope he wins.

I'll update this later on when I'm not in pain from having my wisdom teeth extracted. I'm sure thats altering my judgement.

by SpaceJam 02/17/2017 00:00:00

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