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Just in time for the worldwide release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Ausmash is being released for a new generation of Australian Super Smash Bros. players. Ausmash is an upgraded version of QLD Smash which builds on all of the previous website's functionality and focuses on Australian competitive Super Smash Bros. data. There's a significant amount of both minor and major changes so let's run through some of the new features.

Online ladders

There are now online Elo based ladders which can run for any Super Smash Bros. game in Australia. Ladders run in seasons and once you register for a ladder then you can seek matches against other players and compete to reach the top of the leaderboard. Please note that the first online ladder will appear for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate shortly after the game is released after a basic ruleset can be decided.


Homepage redesign

The home page has been redesigned to be more aligned with Ausmash's goal of bringing new players into the Super Smash Bros. community by showing pictures of Australian Super Smash Bros. players at tournaments. It can be hard for new players to visualise what kind of people they will see at a tournament so this change is intended to humanise the Australian Super Smash Bros. community.


Data page

Aggregated data which was previously shown on the home page and frequently viewed by regular users has been moved to a new Data page. The information is now aggregated more tightly and can be filtered by both Super Smash Bros. game and region. The goal of this page is to give regular users a single page they can look at frequently to keep up with what data has recently been added to Ausmash.



Ausmash now has an API which will allow Australian competitive Super Smash Bros. data to be used anywhere. This can be leveraged to build smart phone apps, power a Twitch bot or even create your own custom application. Access to the API requires a competitive Ausmash account which is available to all users who have competed in an Australian Super Smash Bros. tournament and contains access to data such as players, results, videos and rankings.



TrueSkill is a new ranking system which has been added for teams. TrueSkill is similar to Elo in that it calculates every week on a Thursday however the algorithm is designed to handle team based games which Elo cannot. Players can now be tagged in teams events and have their wins count towards the TrueSkill leaderboard. By being able to tag players for team matches this also means that team matches and results can display on player profiles.



With the recent migration of gamers from internet forums to Discord servers, Ausmash has added a Discord section to allow new users to easily find relevant Discord servers in the Australian Super Smash Bros. community. Discord servers can be categorised by region and Super Smash Bros. game and connect to the relevant Discord server to keep information about the server up to date.


Twitch streams

It is now easier to see what Australian Super Smash Bros. players are streaming with the new Twitch streams section. This feature will stay up to date for all streams of players who have set their Twitch page in their player profile and display it to all users. Make sure you that have your Twitch page set in your player profile so people can find out when you're streaming.



Regional landing pages have been added which are intended to contain information aimed at people who are looking to join their local Super Smash Bros. community. Individual region pages pull data which is associated with regular tournament series within a region and also contain links to help new players find information on players in their local scene.



There's also been a number of other smaller change which include but is not limited to:
The website no longer uses TioPro files to store tournament data.

The characters page has been upgraded to include breakdowns of how Elo has been earned and lost.

Site search has been enabled inside the navbar.

Shoutouts have returned to the website.

Player single pages have been split out into multiple pages to reduce clutter and improve load times.

Pages such as player pages and player compare pages can now be filtered within a date range.

Power Rankings have been changed to just Rankings to include rankings such as the Duon 40.

Players are now able to see their win rates against all players in their profiles.

Players can now add a short bio about themselves on their profile.

Players can now tag character data for their opponents.

Admin can now import Smash GG brackets.

To learn in detail about how the website works check out the updated About page.


by Shitashi 11/28/2018 00:00:00

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