Metaghost20XX and his turbulent 2023
Boasting a bombastic personality and affinity for WWE, Metaghost20xx flies high in the sky as New South Wales premier Falco and a consistent threat within the Australian Super Smash Brothers Ultimate community. 2023 hosted a variety of challenges for the fighter, challenges that would mold him into an even more destructive force within the scene.

Entering the new year as number 23 on Sydneys ‘so fresh’ Power Ranking, Meta had a point to prove, that he was one of the greats. Unfortunately for him, his first event of the year – the 75 entrant ‘Ok This is Epping #12’ – held a
fierce bracket path for the young star. Alike Icarus, the inspiration of his new ‘main’ Pit, Meta had flown too close to the sun, being eliminated at 25th by Phoebe – Sydney PR PT main – and Xav – the Vic Peach/Minmin who I believe was PR at some stage (I couldn’t find the ranking). It was clear something was brewing, however, despite this relatively low placement, his ability with his newer characters displayed a growing understanding of the game.

On a scorcher of a day, February 18th, Metaghost along with Kuriboh (hey that’s me) traveled to Newcastle’s new monthly series ‘Storm the Castle’. Metaghost along with Kuriboh would have a strong double showing (4th out of 15 with a Falco Cloud combination), however, singles would be a bloodbath of top-level talent. Despite the 41 entrant size, many of Sydney and Newcastle's strongest players were in attendance, notably the 1st rank of the Sydney PR, Luco, Former #1 TWIRLY and other PR players in Sydney and Newcastle, such as Kanga, Froggo and Spike. This was no easy bracket. Despite having a rough path to tread, Metaghost would emerge victorious against Jaybird, Dag and HyDro for a 9th place finish, losing in nail-biter sets to PR players Luco and Froggo. Metaghost’s decision to redeploy his Falco was a key contributor to his finish, using the old reliable to confidently defeat rising players and contest the old guard.

Unfortunately, smash is not a game of only highs, a disappointing 1-2 at ‘Ok This is Epping #14’ would lead Metaghost to Sydney’s most tragic tournament of the year. On the 12th of March, Aboroza held the event ‘Super Barista Bros, Bye Bye Bihate 😭😭’. As Australia watched the major ‘The Game Expo’ in Melbourne, Sydney mourned the departure of its #1 boofhead, Bihate. Despite the tragic nature of the event however, Meta was reborn, winning against Sydney staples, Jezmamanezma, Guts_LP, Isak, FOOD and F1ERCE twice, to achieve his very first offline win. While not his last tournament win, it showed to the masses that Metaghost was not a force to trifle with and was not going to be eliminated from a bracket quietly, or at all.

This win at SBB would prelude a near silence from the competitor, not partaking in an event for 3 months. It was here that Meta found a new passion. Smash would become a mere inconvenience, as WWE overtook his life. The wrestling would overrun his brain and everything, giving birth to his new tag ‘YEAH!!”. Motivation to attend would diminish, as the live streamed hook of men fighting would surpass that to attend events. Despite little motivation, I begged him enough, reemerging with a 7th at ‘Super Barista Bros, No Thieves Allowed!’. This event was only a warmup however, as he got back into the swing of the game, he would fly overhead of his competition, ready to swoop.

On the 16th of July, ‘Super Barista Bros, Protein Cream Puffs Enjoyer’ was held, boasting top-level talents like Coleman, dmo and Dugongs; all unfortunate victims of the biggest bird. Meta would start in winners round 2, immediately flying through the competition, defeating Showcase and PR players: Secretary, Sushi, dmo and Dugongs, before Colemans Wario delivered a swift 3-0 in the Grand Finals. Unperturbed, Metaghost would clap back with a 3-2 victory in the Grands Reset, winning him his second event, and solidifying himself within Sydney’s best.

Once again the harsh bell of WWE would be smashed upon Smashes head, as Metaghost once again returned to his new hobby. After achieving his best performance ever, he felt contempt, he was one of the best and had nothing more to prove… or did he?

BAM! A new, really cool, really hip and really recognition-hungry esports team joins the smash climate; the Cool Kids Club. This is in no way biased, but you should check out the team’s Twitter @CKCesports. Anyway… Metaghost was one of the first members to be added to the team and therefore was given a new motivation to attend events; Kuriboh DMing him at 2 am to come to Epping would become a regular and expected tradition. Along with his newfound passion for WWE, Metaghost would enter 7 more events before December, inducting tournament goers into the ‘YEAH Revolution’ (a WWE cult as I’ve come to accept it). This gifted passion would inspire Meta to tackle more events with a higher dedication.

Meta would make a not so triumphant return sadly, partaking in the 86 person NSW Arcadian and getting a disappointing 25th place. Meta was ready to get back to the top and practiced for his next event. ‘P.O.G. #1’ in Early September, established a new monthly within the Blue Mountains. Meta would place 2nd in the event, unfortunately losing to Paris and Violet, but leaving with a respectable result. This event is not important for how Meta performed in it, but how it gave him that little extra push to place great once again.

The following week, ‘Okay This is Epping #19’ went down, in which Meta would once again show up; sweeping pools and pro bracket. He would end the monthly with an impressive 7th place and 7-2 record, losing to Shmu – a top 3 player in Sydney – and Mike_KOOL – an amazing showcase player who was on their own Cinderella run to 3rd. This result gave him even more confidence, as he had defeated multiple high-level players, such as; Violet, jT (x2), Glace and Cotton.

Meta would continue to enter events over the following months, placing respectably in each and gaining wins on Secretary, Governor and HyDro. However, these expected placements of his came to a head at Singapore monthly ‘APC XX : The Battle for the Strongest’.
Invading the foreign country, Meta would tear through the winners side of the bracket to arrive in Grand Finals, dropping no games during the entire event. Unfortunately, the fatigue from bracket and travel, as well as Mii Brawler down throw up b on Yoshis at 15% twice, would lead to a double 3-1 loss to eliminate him at 2nd. Despite being in a new country, despite a different smash culture, despite a different playstyle, despite a different ruleset; Metaghost still dominated a community, one and doning a country and becoming the allusive Falco that may never show up again.

I’ve never been good at endings, so it’s a good thing I don’t have to end this story yet. Meta has proven to be a great player, friend and community member, and will continue to perform exceptionally well in the future. If he ever quits, I will drag him back into the fires of hell, and if he ever wins another event, I will be there to celebrate the absolute mad lad. Metaghost is an overlooked personality in the scene who holds many accomplishments and can do anything he sets his mind to. I am thankful to have Meta in this community and hope you are too.

by DarkKuriboh 12/06/2023 00:00:00

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