Will it feature the winner of SXC2K16? BattleDolphin!
12/06/2016 04:06:23
Good Games Gold Coast friendlies on again tomorrow night. 7pm start, $5 entry. Please bring a setup!
12/05/2016 08:13:36
battle > invisi
12/04/2016 21:34:39
12/04/2016 09:52:21
12/04/2016 04:59:46
#SXC2K16 #Sm4sh Doubles Top 4 now, #SSBM in 2 hours time http://twitch.tv/kaizmo
12/04/2016 04:12:07
While you wait for Top 16 to go live, FNS 76 off-stream VODs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeRQ0RCN6tIKpJSqCdJf8Jlu0Noug8Cpb
12/03/2016 23:33:22
#SXC2K16 - #sm4sh Top 32 - Top 16 now live http://twitch.tv/kaizmo
12/03/2016 10:29:50
I bet you feel outplayed.
12/03/2016 08:42:02
"Kurogane Hammer has an awesome frame data website and cjeccjec doesn't." Welp, my only set against Kurogane was a win, but I still lost.
12/03/2016 06:31:08
"Mr. L currently has 851 more Elo than Luminescent" We take those.
12/03/2016 02:55:57
I love the new Jaice feature!
12/03/2016 01:21:00
This is sick Chris!
12/03/2016 01:16:45
Introducing the new player comparison feature! https://qldsmash.com/Players/Compare/SSBU/QLD/Jezmo/QLD/Jaice
12/02/2016 19:48:11
‪Bracket on now at FNS 76 http://twitch.tv/JettSmash‬
12/02/2016 09:22:15
Game awards hype :)
12/02/2016 02:05:25
Double Ellis :000000
12/01/2016 15:45:35
Our strongest lineup yet!!
12/01/2016 14:19:21
QLD has 4 representatives for smash 4 at SXC. Lets go Ellis, Ellis, Urisk and Vasi! _TheBestState will have it's comeback!
12/01/2016 14:10:05
Shoutouts to Larch (SSGSS) on for glory if he comes by :O sick falcon dude
12/01/2016 10:35:02
http://puu.sh/sAqVX/73602e3c7c.png Is this real or fake? Has science gone too far??
12/01/2016 09:28:43
I agree! It's unlisted and I want to share it on twitter!! It's great!
12/01/2016 09:05:20
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeUix-HogDo Who made this? It's beautiful, well done
12/01/2016 08:48:52
So you're trying to tell us to not watch the videos? I guess I can do that!
12/01/2016 07:13:20
QLD is the best state. Watch the new vids here from GUF! Cava and Flex could probably beat Jezmo now (totally not reverse psychology).
12/01/2016 03:51:57
Maribro the kinda guy who accepts your complementary wine and then complains about you on QLDSmash
11/30/2016 13:18:42
Spacejam the kinda guy who gives you complementary wine then dicks on you in mafia.
11/30/2016 13:14:26
"I'm so great" - me
11/30/2016 04:00:35
"You know being a bus driver wouldn't be much fun" - Barrydabusdriver
11/30/2016 03:56:14
"I'm going to get good" - Proceeds to spend all night on fg as Dedede
11/29/2016 15:03:15
Results from UQ Smash 25 are now up, Sorry about the delay with Melee/64 and U Doubles.Melee amateurs however has been lost due to curuption
11/29/2016 10:20:49
I like that AT will remain QLD instead of International True cane toad right there
11/28/2016 09:08:25
We'll see
11/28/2016 09:07:29
Nah man that region is free.
11/28/2016 07:40:18
QLD is a viable Smash scene. I know because I did well at a major in US :-O
11/28/2016 07:22:28
I'm one of those rare big game prizes
11/27/2016 18:10:19
11/27/2016 11:44:15
Shoutout to everyone who goes Sonder hunting on For Glory and is victorious.
11/27/2016 10:39:35
GGs to Trojans on For Glory
11/27/2016 10:37:18
Top 3 in Smash 4 amateurs*
11/27/2016 02:36:35
Places top 3 in Smash 4, then quits Smash 4, then goes 0-2 in Melee at the next tourney. GG.
11/27/2016 01:29:34
https://youtu.be/12wrPL_B42o?t=16s Top 10 Mario Capes Ignis v Luco
11/26/2016 22:08:48
Thanks for everyone who came to UQ smash 25. I've just home safe if anyone cares :) @1:10am Sunday
11/26/2016 15:10:46
Flex's slick custom combo last night: https://youtu.be/Y81I1kSxobs?t=6m32s
11/26/2016 12:41:03
maybe i should stop getting 25th at events hey
11/26/2016 11:10:27
GGs :) good luck with your tourney tomorrow
11/25/2016 16:41:03
ggs trojans
11/25/2016 16:37:52
i wish i could mote more than once on the poll
11/25/2016 13:45:49
FNS #75 Bracket starting soon at https://www.twitch.tv/scrail91/
11/25/2016 08:24:44
In Jett's absence, Friday Night Smash #75 is live at https://www.twitch.tv/scrail91/ bracket starting in about 30 min
11/25/2016 07:55:58
Wait, VIC has weeklies?
11/25/2016 05:25:39
UQ Smash 25 is Tomorrow Register by 11pm tonight for Early Bird Rates https://goo.gl/forms/4j78T3AUlX2vfGk62
11/25/2016 05:01:24
I shall be bringing Smash 64 with an N64 to UQ Smash 25 this Saturday, $5 entry and you can play with GC Controller. Only Singles bracket
11/24/2016 11:32:24
Bloom Doom is hands downt he best Z move because you take down your opponent with a flower
11/24/2016 07:51:00
Big tassie tournament coming in march https://www.facebook.com/events/204027566714726/ are event links allowed in here?
11/24/2016 04:45:42
Some nerds over yonder playing uno ha ha ha ha. *plays pokemon sun*
11/24/2016 01:39:11
Mafia is fun.
11/23/2016 21:35:18
go use the spectator discord if you want to talk about mafia, don't do it in shoutouts
11/23/2016 10:20:40
inb4 Dyna_Hole and BastyTho are mafia
11/23/2016 10:06:42
My role in Mafia is to dick over Maribro, regardless of what side I am on apparently.
11/23/2016 09:56:09
obligitary new shoutout so i dont have to keep seeing MrL's up here
11/23/2016 08:40:23
ganondorf101 seems like a pretty cool dude
11/21/2016 12:12:57
Tfw you get killed 2 times in a row in Mafia
11/21/2016 08:15:37
Good Games Gold Coast Wii U friendlies are back on tomorrow night! The usual 7pm start and $5 entry. Please bring a setup if you can.
11/21/2016 06:59:08
also Taigon, i got your controller combo, will bring it this FNS :)
11/21/2016 03:15:22
not a coincidence confirmed
11/21/2016 02:07:07
he played super well and earnt that win, but he also won a tournament that only had 3 of the PR in attendance and none of the top 4 there
11/21/2016 02:06:46
It matters not. Sae Eleisa tears for you.
11/21/2016 01:59:33
can't recall a PR that hasn't had PR candidates as panel members......
11/21/2016 01:53:19
Best Smash Regions. 1 - Geelong, 2 - Gong, 3 - Melbourne
11/21/2016 01:50:18
Honestly qld is the worst state now excluding TAS lmao
11/21/2016 01:26:33
In your and Trunkle's defense, Trojans had to leave _theBestState to win a tournament. Not a coincidence confirmed.
11/21/2016 01:06:57
Congats to Trojans! The first one out of me trunkle and him to win a tournament.
11/20/2016 09:31:25
I like that panel for the most part. Diversity
11/20/2016 05:50:42
Aero u just want to be panel
11/20/2016 05:41:07
Cut the PR players off the panel T B H
11/20/2016 04:24:26
Linoone was already good. He's just pushing his limits and trying to reach Super Saiyan God Mode of Super Saiyan (I d/l bad translations).
11/20/2016 01:36:58
All good Taigon, it was collected by the people running the event.
11/19/2016 13:02:47
Getting good huh? I guess you'll get to test yourself at UQ :o. Hopefully I'll be able to see all of you at there.
11/19/2016 10:54:01
probs go to uq on sat
11/19/2016 10:48:47
getting good (hopefully) and i would go to more but so far away. also trunkle and ilex are on camp, they get back on tuesday so we'll
11/19/2016 10:48:35
Linoone where you been the last month and a half D:
11/19/2016 10:21:14
Why not go to more then? :-O
11/19/2016 10:20:16
i miss tournaments :(
11/19/2016 09:26:58
if you want to claim results please go to this thread: https://qldsmash.com/Forum/Thread/player-account-claims-thread.5/35#Post80885
11/19/2016 03:17:31
can i claim Krystal please
11/18/2016 14:02:17
Hey if anyone grabbed a golden wii mote (zelda themed) with a black pro controller at guf can you bring it next week. Totally forgot it
11/18/2016 12:35:23
Jaice taking Masto's soul in a sick 0 to death https://clips.twitch.tv/jettsmash/ExuberantDoveKappa
11/18/2016 09:29:01
FNS 74 bracket on now! Ft. Jaice, Jumpo, Shitashi, Archaze, Cava & more! http://twitch.tv/JettSmash
11/18/2016 08:31:33
Shoutout to *insertname" for the fg games :D rip lag
11/18/2016 08:12:58
11/18/2016 02:51:39
Corrin 18th and Luigi 29th. Where does high tier stop? Has been a while hey, I get Cava every event. Maybe time for a change.
11/18/2016 02:28:27
you coming to get bopped tonight? we haven't met in bracket for a while... :) maybe you'll be unlucky this evening :)
11/18/2016 01:55:56
who said i wasn't... kekekekek
11/18/2016 01:55:19
So corrin and luigi?
11/18/2016 01:38:14
Careful friend. I'm playing high tiers now.
11/18/2016 00:54:18