We BattleDolphin and Pazx :)
12/20/2016 09:46:22
To vegans it represents the mass murder in the name of capitalism.
12/20/2016 08:17:52
"Soap, is just Soap" ~ LachlanF 20/12/2016 at 6 pm
12/20/2016 08:02:35
I already love ya SpaceJam, Ja man, we're jammin'
12/20/2016 07:58:33
Can I be your friend? I have none and people at locals hate me.
12/20/2016 07:43:36
I welcome you back with open arms :)
12/20/2016 07:36:35
Sonder I'll be your friend again
12/20/2016 07:31:02
East side ho, West side bitch, I'm a Candler Road gamma doing Candler road Shit;
12/20/2016 07:23:05
Blue Bank Roll, Trophies on my neck. All I do is win, all I do is flex.
12/20/2016 07:22:57
"Fuck Bitches, Get Money" is a real quote to live by Sonder.
12/20/2016 06:59:33
Besides, I'm making some signs to indicate when a game is a friendly, so problem solved.
12/20/2016 06:57:22
"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."
12/20/2016 06:57:02
oh my
12/20/2016 06:05:06
12/20/2016 05:48:18
Well I was reasoning, it seemed unfair, and I left; had to state my cause. And shout outs to the mature people.
12/20/2016 04:23:30
Reasonable people listen when they are asked to leave.
12/20/2016 03:42:24
So because you don't have an accurate transcription it makes me sound unreasonable.
12/20/2016 03:12:18
Every time I come back I deal with more lies. People anecdote the conversation but they don't say what they said, they say wished they said
12/20/2016 03:12:06
This is also assuming that I'm deserving of a suspension, which I'm not. I was told to apply myself, but I haven't because I'm busy sorting
12/20/2016 03:11:06
Also I can practice because this game is my passion and art form. Where there's a will there's a ways.
12/20/2016 03:10:42
And yeah, 'Bullying' is accurate, I'm minding my own business and I get defamed.
12/20/2016 03:10:32
Thank you Crabs :)
12/20/2016 03:10:10
show some leg guys
12/20/2016 02:35:34
show some maturity guys
12/20/2016 00:56:52
Life is art. Sonder is art. Really abstract art.
12/19/2016 21:44:27
Is that really bullying? also bullying is cool haven't you watched any highschool movie ever?
12/19/2016 12:04:18
Guys stop hating on Sonder. Bullying isn't cool.
12/19/2016 09:39:44
No one could take him because he didn't organize anything with anyone. I couldn't take him because I stayed at work on a Sunday night
12/19/2016 09:38:34
Last time he went to Level Up, the Maccas Kicked him out, and he slept on the street with a Homeless man. Don't Miss Trains Kids!
12/19/2016 09:32:21
What do you mean "again".............................?
12/19/2016 09:29:44
unless he's cool with sleeping outside maccas again
12/19/2016 09:18:25
He can still go to Level Up events i believe but that's an hour and a half away and considering his rep, he prob wont get housing for them
12/19/2016 09:17:45
And unless things have changed you cannot participate in Friday Night Smash Either......
12/19/2016 09:14:01
But Sonder what events would you be practicing for, UQ Security have advised me that cannot return to any events @ UQ St Lucia.
12/19/2016 09:13:32
Sure! Sonder! When can I move in?
12/19/2016 09:04:14
Are you shoryuken find another smasher to house? Seems unlikely to me.
12/19/2016 08:36:56
It's a nice house, artistic vibe. Good intellectual discussions. My brother is moving in with his GF so we're hoping for a swap
12/19/2016 06:37:46
Is anyone looking for a home for study next year? I'm looking for a house mate that I can practice with. I live across the bridge from UQ.
12/19/2016 06:25:30
Reminder that the site 48th Badge is live, claimable until the end of the year (SUPER MARIO RUN)
12/19/2016 00:23:31
UQ is uploaded now. :)
12/19/2016 00:01:23
Results from Level-Up Lounge are now Up. Doing the Rest of the UQ Ones Now.
12/18/2016 23:22:49
It's my 1 year anniversary in the smash scene! Thanks everyone for making the past year so amazing! :D It's gone by so quickly :O
12/18/2016 16:13:30
12/18/2016 06:46:41
the shit talking comes with the field. considering you need the patients of 10 saints rolled into one.
12/18/2016 06:46:25
Yeah, Shitashi played amazingly. I always trash talk... Sorry for the confusion!.
12/18/2016 02:24:36
I'm fine with QLD booing me maybe if they were better they wouldn't have to sit through my bullshit as often.
12/18/2016 01:54:18
I do think it was just banter and that Shitashi wouldn't have much of an issue with it tbh.
12/17/2016 22:53:57
People booing and harrassing shitashi at uq was super rude, and unsportsman like, if its in the game, its free game.
12/17/2016 16:57:31
All hail Shitashi, the destroyer of hopes and dreams - and time.
12/17/2016 16:44:00
I'd like to claim Luma please
12/17/2016 13:17:09
Don't listen to anyone, join me on neopets instead.
12/17/2016 08:00:30
dont listen to him everybody watch vic instead
12/17/2016 06:03:15
Sadhour VS Shitashi in Winners Finals, come in and watch for an hour.
12/17/2016 06:02:40
GvP's first big step into the world of E-sports being streamed today 12PM today
12/16/2016 22:58:51
11:30am Melee Doubles| 11:45am Melee Rego Closes| 12noon Melee Starts. Melee Lunch break ENDs @ 2:15pm + Wii U Lunch Break ENDS @ 2:30pm
12/16/2016 06:56:28
10am Venue Opens|10:30am Wii U Doubles START|10:50am Wii U Rego Closes(Must Pay and Check in)|11:15am Wii U Pools Wave 1|12:30 Wave 2 Pools
12/16/2016 06:55:01
UQ Smash tomorrow Register here
12/16/2016 06:50:06 So I made another Falcon montage. Watch it :D
12/15/2016 12:27:15
You can now export the Elo data as a CSV from the Elo page.
12/15/2016 11:08:03
12/15/2016 04:33:41
12/14/2016 23:02:49
Trojans put together this combo video of him Trunkle and I, you should check it out.
12/14/2016 11:04:37
I recommend coming to the UQ tournament this Saturday
12/14/2016 04:28:40
Brisbane is definitely do-able, Gold Coast and Sunny Coast are a bit to far away, Redland Bay is a tough area for Smash
12/14/2016 04:26:42
I also believe there are some tournaments in Townsville? But I don't remember. Check the upcoming tournaments and see if you're nearby.
12/14/2016 04:20:30
Judging by your Queensland status, you might be in luck. Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and The Gold Coast all have a scene.
12/14/2016 04:18:12
How can I find out if I have a scene in my area?
12/14/2016 04:11:49
but he's not a witch
12/12/2016 06:39:38
I've been thinking about the fastest way to buff Ganon. It's simple: Give him Witch Time.
12/12/2016 06:07:24
Registered Players:
12/12/2016 02:57:59
Register for UQ Smash 26 THIS SATURDAY:
12/12/2016 02:57:40
anyone in the Tweed Heads/murwillumbah playing/hosting anything? going down to visit a friend seeing if any locals or somethings on
12/11/2016 15:46:34
New ACT Smash 4 and Melee PRs have been released! #letsgoACT
12/11/2016 05:01:39
whats up with young people and them maining bayonetta?
12/10/2016 22:19:19
"Mr. L's haircut really brings out his jawline and jewish tendencies" ~ Jaice2k16
12/10/2016 14:26:50
Their first tournament!
12/10/2016 12:16:43
Another young bayonetta takes 5th at smash by the beach.
12/10/2016 12:16:06
c u there cAKE
12/10/2016 08:40:07
I mean I will be shit not the event
12/10/2016 06:05:28
Hey guys I'm going to uq this Saturday because I haven't been to a tourney in 60 years will probs be a bit shit but who knows
12/10/2016 06:04:34
ChriSmash by the Beach Pro Bracket starting now at
12/10/2016 05:38:03
PSA: Smash by the beach is tomorrow. Gold Coast, QLD|Doubles 10:30am| Singles 11:15am|
12/09/2016 08:11:26
You come to Car
12/08/2016 12:19:01
Quick question, does the car come to me or do I go to the car?
12/07/2016 11:46:01
Just a disclaimer I'm not asking to go :c.
12/07/2016 10:36:25
I ride with THE SadHour, Danzah and Australia's worst human or worst TO ever? For only 5$!? What a ripper of a deal.
12/07/2016 10:35:26
For those Brisbanites heading to Smash by the Beach. I have 2 extra Seats in my Car. $5 for Fuel. Inquire within. SadHour + Danzah are in.
12/07/2016 10:30:46
This poll is dumb because wait in punish Includes baiting options in neutral to get information. Like any fighting game.
12/07/2016 08:35:53
Is there a FLEX in the house? They played a great charizard/meta-knight on FG last night. 👏
12/07/2016 02:49:40
You're the real MVP Corvid, playing FG with me so late for so long, thanks for the games!
12/06/2016 20:07:28
Shouts to Kneesus on FG
12/06/2016 15:30:27
Rest easy my friend
12/06/2016 13:15:30
Lets all just relax yeee
12/06/2016 08:11:34
Rip any of*
12/06/2016 07:59:20
I don't condone any if this lmao but I do love a juicy meme
12/06/2016 07:59:08
Getting jumpers ready for when $quirtle $quad invades Vic at BAM. Already got Battledolphin's ready.
12/06/2016 07:51:28