Alcohol is dangerously priced there though
02/06/2017 00:36:44
I like how the Jubilee tourney came outta nowhere and is now like the best weekend event in Brisbane. 10/10 PR players attended wow.
02/05/2017 21:42:21
Boozer probably does.
02/03/2017 11:44:46
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it..?
02/03/2017 10:35:23
Of course not otherwise he would have said he did.
02/03/2017 03:17:31
did you like it
02/03/2017 02:28:42
i kissed a girl
02/02/2017 22:45:10
done, MrL. i urge everyone to pitch in as well :)
02/02/2017 00:19:19 Fill out this survey and put in smash as an option for an Australian esports event
02/01/2017 07:49:57
Featuring Mittens, Jett, McJobo, Cava, Tasmania's Tezz and the Magnificent Double Jigglypuff team of BattleDolphin And Dr. Slump.
01/31/2017 23:57:51
01/31/2017 23:55:03
Gold Coast is _theBestCoast
01/31/2017 07:39:42
Lets go Sunshine Coast!
01/31/2017 07:13:06
Praise me you insolent chumps Hugs and kisses Sincerely, Barney.
01/31/2017 00:21:24
01/31/2017 00:00:35
EMG giving an HM to Barney the Dinosaur:
01/30/2017 23:49:17
do you guys like videos? i like videos.
01/30/2017 06:35:33
I'm a sick DM, I'd be keen to run it
01/30/2017 05:49:47
Can we play Dungeons and Dragons instead of Mafia next time
01/28/2017 23:19:07 Smash By The Beach 7 Highlight of the day!
01/28/2017 08:34:17
bad romance
01/28/2017 07:59:18
Smash by the beach pro bracket coming soon?
01/28/2017 04:12:16
One day I will post a shoutout without an error. Today is not this day.
01/28/2017 01:10:10
And I love the new recommend we ruleset
01/28/2017 01:09:40
and I love me!
01/28/2017 00:51:26
And we love you kneesus
01/27/2017 21:28:09
Shoutouts to the entirety of the smash community, I love you all
01/27/2017 17:05:19
01/26/2017 22:13:53
But baby, I've been, I've been praying hard.
01/26/2017 10:40:17
Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep Dreaming about the things we could be
01/26/2017 10:11:49
counting stars
01/26/2017 09:36:36
VODs from PvP's Jubilee event are up, feat. Mittens, Lumi and more:
01/26/2017 00:27:14
Thanks for your service scrail 😊. Also, blurred lines
01/24/2017 21:41:55
FNS #83 off-stream VODs, featuring THE Kurogane Hammer:
01/24/2017 06:15:39 In case anyone missed this from the weekend
01/24/2017 01:46:58
money money money
01/23/2017 20:16:43
If you like Pokemon games I suggest you check out the Dragon Quest series that just came out on 3DS. So Good!
01/23/2017 04:43:52
in the music
01/23/2017 03:20:16
lose yourself
01/23/2017 02:30:51 Top 8 from the invitational is about to start yo
01/22/2017 01:52:40
from paris to berlin
01/21/2017 15:05:01
Happy Birthday SaucyGoogers
01/21/2017 13:35:04
for* gosh darn it
01/21/2017 10:03:22
Gratz to Vic for winning all 4 of the GvP Seeded singles. Also shoutouts to Jezmo fro winning the crew battle.
01/21/2017 10:02:57
01/21/2017 00:49:45
GvP: Thunderdome pre-event stream is now live Stay tuned for tonights exhibitons :)
01/20/2017 06:31:11
Shoutouts to Scrail for giving me lifts home when I'm drunk af
01/19/2017 17:43:39
Good golly miss molly
01/19/2017 09:26:57
i was told to post here.
01/18/2017 09:06:18
is that the real goog
01/18/2017 03:44:14
Wow Sonder I'm definitely coming
01/18/2017 02:09:55
More people should come to PvP at Jubilee on Saturdee, because last time I pretty much got $145 for free.
01/16/2017 15:00:13
T Minus 5 Mins till Will Smith Runs another game of Mafia in the VIC discord Voice Chat -
01/16/2017 11:47:18
lmao North Louisiana changed their PR image
01/15/2017 23:15:20
Thanks ALEX for the games on For Glory!
01/15/2017 15:45:21
do people still play splatoon?
01/15/2017 13:22:44
Want to go to GUF tonight. But toooo hot OTL
01/13/2017 04:48:48
Super Mario Odyssey looking CLEAN!
01/13/2017 04:35:36
Just under an hour until the Nintendo Switch Presentation
01/13/2017 03:03:54
mario sunshine port or BUST imho
01/13/2017 02:28:49
01/12/2017 21:03:09
Good Games Mt Gravatt has given us the OK, new tournament incoming. Will probs be a Sunday event. Get keen!!
01/12/2017 05:46:27
@Shitashi If you go to the Invite People button Depending on your rank there is a tick box in the bottom left for that
01/11/2017 05:05:32
Reddit: If you go to Instant Invite, and go to Advanced Settings, you can change the expire time to never. That link should never change
01/10/2017 23:47:11
Regarding the Discord poll is it possible to have permanent Discord links or do they keep expiring? More of a new feature than sticky post.
01/10/2017 20:51:07
good luck to all the players and teams hitting GvP... win or lose, make everyone back home proud (Y)(Y)
01/09/2017 10:39:22
* I gotchu fam
01/09/2017 08:59:36
Changes for Next UQ: Read Here. tp:// @LachlanEdFi on twitter.
01/09/2017 07:31:15
Potential special guest appearance by a certain ACT Ryu player.
01/09/2017 03:29:27
Good Games Gold Coast Sm4sh friendlies on tomorrow night. 7pm, $5 venue. If we get enough players I'll also run a $5 double elim bracket!
01/09/2017 03:29:09
Nah mang, if palu is trash then when i start taking games we would look so much stronger because she trash ;3
01/09/2017 02:18:23
Still waiting on this blog post aero, plz deliver the googs
01/09/2017 01:20:35
Palutena is trash youd make qld look worse ;^)
01/08/2017 08:19:48
See the problem was i wasn't there. If i was there, everyone will be like "My god QLD is so strong!"
01/08/2017 05:35:13
I think I'll make a blog post about it.
01/08/2017 04:08:41
I don't think BigTrouble's post is directed at me. But I think there's definite problems that I'm trying to think of how to fix.
01/08/2017 03:30:42
QLD is an amazing place for smash, and only active players in the scene would understand that
01/07/2017 23:24:26
QL'D'ead smash
01/07/2017 23:18:34
Gold Coast is the hidden treasure of QLD, we also have so much beach we put the sand in sandbag
01/07/2017 12:47:18
I failed you QLD
01/07/2017 12:14:21
Eh QLD is fine, pity our great players like Aerodrome, AzureWolf and Jezmo have fallen
01/07/2017 11:49:56
It's not a serious problem if you're not from QLD.
01/07/2017 10:21:08
We wouldn't be bad if people would stop being sad boys and quitting or not entering tournaments
01/07/2017 10:10:58
Don't clutter shoutouts with your rubbish, this is a pretty serious problem imo.
01/07/2017 10:06:27
But QLD has so many strong players like Jezmo, Aero and Azurewolf!
01/07/2017 10:05:31
I think this week has proven that Quensland is one of the weakest (if not THE weakest) normal states in the country.
01/07/2017 09:58:11
Congrats to Frame Perfect DQ for winning UQ doubles!
01/07/2017 05:08:06
Right now the poll responses are all evenly balanced, and that makes me very innately happy.
01/06/2017 22:32:31
108 mins left to register with the early bird rates for UQ Smash for tomorrow. register here.
01/06/2017 11:16:56
Who else is excited for the first UQ of 2017?
01/06/2017 09:34:29
pumped to see Quen play at FNS
01/06/2017 09:26:32
did somebody say extended flashback?
01/06/2017 09:11:59
Confirmed for UQ Smash 27| Trunkle, Quen, Linoone, Ilex, Humpadumpa and EnvyAust | 6 Wii U Players who don't live in QLD. See you there!
01/06/2017 04:20:42
68 People have registered so Far for UQ Smash 27 if your going please remember to register here:
01/06/2017 03:34:37
IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THOSE DRIVING TO UQ SMASH: Due to Road Works Parking is different See here
01/06/2017 03:33:59
Atyeo, I've PMed you. Feel free to contact me on FB or Twitter... I couldn't find you on either.
01/06/2017 02:48:22
When you get 4th on PR and you know you have cancer
01/04/2017 11:35:19