Hey guys, today I will be discussing the 6 greatest threats for BAM 8 Smash 4 singles.

1.) Jezmo

Jezmo is an incredible Diddy Kong/Donkey Kong main who has stellar results Australia wide. He also made waves at Genesis 3, his international debut. This can be seen here.

2.) Poppt1

As we all know Poppt1 is an incredible player with set wins over Kira, M, Earl, Boozer, Nikes, Ghostbone and Waveguider. Having not lost a tournament set in over 2 and a half years, Poppt1 is looking strong going into BAM 8.

3.) Invisi

This low tier hero is known and loved across the globe. He is known for his ability to tech as well as his broad rimmed hat.

4.) Jimmy

The so called "hidden boss" of Australia. A local of the Nothern Territory and commonly regarded as the best Lucario main in Australia.

5.) Earl

A strong player with solid fundamentals. Has travelled Australia wide and has accolades such as 7th at DIAD.

6.) Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Made famous by the Channel 7 program "Border Security". The Depart of Immigration has refused visas for top players such as "Esam" and "Nairo", cementing themselves as a top threat at BAM 8.

That concludes my list. Please leave any feedback down below in the comment section. Thanks!

by cmk 05/05/2016 00:00:00

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