PM Lucas videos

7/05/2016 [VIC] Project Melbourne 2 - Project M Top 16 Project M
L4 Jamwa Lucas Gabe Mr. Game and Watch
L5 Jamwa Lucas Ryzuul Ness
L6 Star Sonic Jamwa Lucas
26/04/2016 [NSW] SGT Late Night Masters - PM Top 8 Project M
W1 Ando Captain Falcon Cole Lucas
L1 Cole LucasSonic Azza Lucario
7/02/2016 [NSW] Smashing Good Time S2 E4 - Project M singles Project M
L2 Cole Lucas Dr. D Marth
24/01/2016 [NSW] Smashing Good Time Monthly S2E3 - PM Project M
W2 Star Sonic Cole Lucas
L2 Cole Lucas Dr. D Captain FalconMarth
L3 Cole Lucas Ando LinkMarth
19/01/2016 [NSW] SGT Late Night 8 - PM Project M
W3 Cunchy Marth Cole LucasSonic
L6 Cunchy Sheik Cole Lucas
12/01/2016 [NSW] SGT Late Night 7 - PM Project M
W2 Cal FalcoMarth Cole Lucas
13/12/2015 [NSW] SGT. Smash Sunday - PM top 12 Project M
L3 Cole Lucas Gabe Mr. Game and Watch
22/05/2015 [VIC] Project Melbourne - pm singles Project M
L2 Jamwa LucasSquirtle Speep
3/01/2015 [VIC] Miles' Warehouse 2 - Project M singles Project M
W5 Dekar JigglypuffLinkMarioROBSheikSnakeWarioWolfYoshiZelda S.D BowserFalcoIce ClimbersKing DededeKirbyLinkLucasMewtwoNessROBYoshi
19/10/2014 [NSW] Smash Gym - Afternoon P:M Project M
W3 Baker Donkey Kong Cole Lucas