Switch: SW-6629-2203-1611
Wii U: lachlanfirth96
3DS: 0232-8657-5660
Sounds like fun
06/29/2016 10:12:59
Wii U: FOX117Z
Hell yeah! im in!
06/29/2016 15:56:57
Wii U: bedlam_noise
06/29/2016 23:07:04
Wii U: FlexVonSecsPecs
me gusta
06/29/2016 23:24:53
Wii U: SRK l Emery
I'm down for a weekly burrito.
06/30/2016 01:20:00
Wii U: Oceanblue44
"We are also planning to create a wall of fame at the venue which will list the winner of each weekly tournament so for this reason I encourage you not to offer Jaice transport to the venue."

The Jaice-cancelling meta has been resurrected.
06/30/2016 01:45:53
This sounds awesome
06/30/2016 03:28:59
I'm in if I'm not working!
06/30/2016 06:45:23
Wii U: Dr_Ellis
I hope people enjoy pacman time outs. Cause im winning this
06/30/2016 11:53:20
Wii U: GrizzleBears
*need for burritos intensifies*
07/01/2016 08:03:10
Wii U: MakingcAKE82
3DS: 0748-3964-5420
I'm a child and its a school night
07/10/2016 07:56:27
Wii U: Facaetious
How did this go last week? anyone going this week?
07/15/2016 23:51:31
Switch: SW-6629-2203-1611
Wii U: lachlanfirth96
3DS: 0232-8657-5660
I am hoping to get there on monday night, may be doing something with family.
07/16/2016 04:05:42
Switch: SW-4350-9889-9978
Wii U: djkaion
3DS: 1091-9241-2919
This went well last week, we had six people and did a round robin tournament which was fun. There were also random passerbys who were coming in to play Smash so we could start to see some new faces with this event.

It's on again tonight so i hope to see some of you there.
07/17/2016 21:41:00
Wii U: Tarkanator
3DS: 4425-2461-9026
Next year dude. Next year.
07/17/2016 22:23:00
Wii U: Octopig
3DS: 2208-5140-7699
The burritos are pre good
07/18/2016 22:29:07
Wii U: FlexVonSecsPecs
Hey you, yeah you. You doing anything tomorrow night? Got something small on? Something semi important on? Stuff that, move that date, tomorrow is beach burrito Monday, the best casual tournament experience you have experienced on this Monday and every Monday til the end of time. It's a damn fun time and you can expect to find me there and all of your favourites
07/31/2016 10:43:38
Switch: SW-4350-9889-9978
Wii U: djkaion
3DS: 1091-9241-2919
I've just heard from Eric who runs the Beach Burrito store and unfortunately he's sick today and is unable to find someone to cover his shift at the store so he's having to go home early and can't keep the shop open. This means that we won't be able to run this event today but hopefully it should return in full force next week.

I'm sorry for this info to come at such late notice, Eric did the best he could to keep this going.
08/01/2016 04:57:18
Wii U: bedlam_noise
BIGTROUBLE @ Burrito tonight boys and girls

getting in early (should've asked last night)... is there going to be Beach bops on the 3rd despite the public holiday?

09/26/2016 22:20:44
First post! Get hype.

Yesterday we had a record turnout after running this bitch for 11 weeks. About 20 players and 4 set-ups. Even more exciting was to see a 3rd name appear on the hall of fame with Sadhour taking 1st. Joining Mr. L in the ongoing effort to profane Jaice's reputation by getting my drunken normal customers to comment, "Looks like that Jaice cunt's lost his touch! HA HA HA" before scrawling their own name on the board in what in their stupor must feel original and hilarious. Jaice could not be reached for comment or to defend his title.

In other news Shitashi's jigglypuff fell victim to my blade the week previously, Shitashi two stocks Jaice's bayonetta with Roy (citation needed) and with a /played of about 10 hours I finally defeat Sonder's Ryu by two stocking him and ending the match with panache with a finishing touch edge guard. Granted he was taking notes for the first 30 seconds of the match ; )

Anyway thanks to everyone who came out and brought a t.v and/or wii u. In the future, no entry fee required if you bring your own monitor and console for the event. (usually we require that you spend at least $10 on food or drinks). Not sure if we will be open for the public holiday but I'll make a post or let Shitashi know when I know. Hope to see you all again next week.
09/27/2016 01:29:42
Wii U: bedlam_noise
lmfao @ normal customers

hopefully see you next or the following week Eric.

09/27/2016 02:19:32
I can confirm that we will NOT be open for the public holiday. : (

See you guys on the 10th!
09/27/2016 05:55:57
Wii U: bedlam_noise
thanks for the update Eric,
will look for an alternate venue for the 3rd, updates will be posted here.
We are good to hole up at GUF monday night instead of burrito

No Shitashi tonight.

Going to GUF fortitude tonight instead, will take entrants at 6 for a Round robin bracket at 6:30. Only cost is Venue fee (5$) as a result there are no prizes or ELO for bracket. I'll be heading there around 5 please bring setups lmao
thanks to everyone who rocked up last night, was an awesome turnout

10/03/2016 22:25:31
Switch: SW-4350-9889-9978
Wii U: djkaion
3DS: 1091-9241-2919
I've just been informed that Beach Burrito for tonight is cancelled. Please let anyone who was planning to go know.
10/10/2016 04:18:43
Wii U: bedlam_noise
same deal as last week, we will hole up @ GUF instead of Beach Burrito for 6:30 round robin... 5$ venue fee is the only cost
unfortunately Beach Burrito is cancelled indefinitely, as Eric has resigned. Thanks for having us regardless Eric, hope to see you again.
10/17/2016 03:03:09