Switch: SW-4350-9889-9978
Wii U: djkaion
3DS: 1091-9241-2919
In preparation for Arms, Splatoon 2 and a possible Smash Switch announcementat E3 next week we've added the ability to put your Switch friend code on your profile.

Add this information if you want other people on here to be easily able to add you for Switch online games.
06/10/2017 07:57:02
Switch: SW-3156-7494-5802
Wii U: dyna-hole

06/10/2017 09:04:33
Wii U: BedBull
2v2 anyone?
06/11/2017 04:54:40
Wii U: ThatLaggyPerson
06/11/2017 08:24:28
Wii U: DarkStarUber69
Anyone up for a 2v2/1v1 by any chance
06/18/2017 09:17:28
Wii U: BedBull
Hi darkstat always up for a bit of 2v2.. ive added you mate
06/23/2017 08:54:04
Wii U: Joshuamoody
06/24/2017 05:23:22
Wii U: BedBull
06/24/2017 06:09:58
Wii U: mikeue
i'd play teams or a game
06/24/2017 06:29:52
Wii U: BedBull
Sweet i added you with username nathan.. are you online? Let me know when ready for teams
06/24/2017 07:12:53
Wii U: mikeue
i'll add you now, and jump on; although i don't believe theres anyone else on for doubles. Or do you have two people playing off the one system on your end?
i have a room open
06/24/2017 07:20:36
Wii U: BedBull
I have another person on my end mate sorry
06/24/2017 07:20:43
Wii U: mikeue
yeah i can get my mate to jump on hold up
my mate is jumping on his end, i've re-opened a room. Im pretty sure my tag is vulture st or something now idk
06/24/2017 07:32:17
Wii U: BedBull
Let me know when ready mate
06/24/2017 07:43:10
Wii U: mikeue
ready when you are, join away.
06/24/2017 07:45:04
Wii U: BedBull
06/24/2017 07:45:17
Wii U: mikeue
he reckons people are watching netflix on his end so it may be a trash connection, worth a shot anyway.
well fuck
last one, sorry about the lag. I have no idea how you can keep up with which falcon you arent haha
i meant this is the last one <.< >.>
but if you guys wanna play later when his house has less lag hmu, until then all these c-stick nairs are causing too many SD's. See ya later hopefully
06/24/2017 08:11:51
Wii U: BedBull
Ggs boys
Wouls definitely be down for more games when it clears up :)
06/24/2017 08:18:32
Wii U: woot204
Does anyone know where you can find the full single and doubles archives for BAM 9 pools? I remember seeing it on twitch somewhere but its not there anymore..
06/29/2017 06:37:16
Wii U: BedBull
Doubles anyone?
07/01/2017 03:14:37
Wii U: woot204
Anywhere to find BAM9 pools? :( Cannot find it on twitch anymore :(
07/03/2017 13:14:04
Switch: SW-1372-7993-2314
Wii U: HoboMcJobo
Anyone want a few games?
07/04/2017 06:45:04
Hobo_McJobo said:
Anyone want a few games?

I'll play if you're sill there.
07/04/2017 07:03:25
Wii U: Bearmondo1
Anyone up for a couple games?
Just practising Luigi so I can use him better. :3
07/05/2017 08:28:26
You'd probably have better luck finding games on one of the discords here: https://qldsmash.com/Forum/Thread/statesmash-discord-permanent-links.1394/1
And sorry, but I can't play right now.
07/05/2017 09:06:38