You can now set your user profile character to random
03/01/2024 04:25:06 It's been an honour to be playing for all this time (old news but still)
02/22/2024 08:54:33
Sign up for Super Duper Sunshine! Still some Early bird registration available.
11/17/2023 07:22:52
every time i look up this website i fatfinger and accidentally type susmash
10/03/2023 09:56:51
hello google please play megalovania undertale
09/17/2023 03:17:41
RE: Taicho. Unfortunately I have a reaction time of 300ms and can't react to getting crossed up by DA. Can you pls vod review me vs rebs?
09/15/2023 06:19:39
up b oos is a true punish on any grounded move, if you're getting frame 13 dash grabbed you're outplayed and taking 11% max get a grip
09/10/2023 05:08:29
RE: Taicho but what if he crosses up my shield, let alone grab me !!
09/08/2023 08:44:10
Happy elo day
08/31/2023 11:20:00
give me a hell yeah if you came to aussmash to stalk your opponents profile for info before floating point
08/22/2023 04:45:33
Just block Connor what's he gonna do
08/20/2023 12:55:01
Can someone teach me how to beat gren? thank u
08/17/2023 04:35:15
We ran a ladder at Super Sunshine Smash this weekend and it was a really good time. Definitely something to consider for your monthlies
07/17/2023 04:51:55
I'm a kitty! meow meow!
07/03/2023 11:43:45
how tf do we get to the Point if its Floating? like when i get to Sydney am i supposed to bring a ladder or a jetpack???
07/03/2023 03:17:15
auckland is next and then australia after that...
07/02/2023 09:55:04
you telling me melbourne battled this arena
07/02/2023 02:59:04
Cant believe I reached my daily Ausmash view limit already :/
07/02/2023 02:40:12
Damn this new twitter update is a banger
07/02/2023 01:29:15
yeah this could work if twitter dies
07/02/2023 01:19:02
06/07/2023 07:33:14
If you are in Melbourne already for BAM shoot me a message on twitter @phyco_smash or discord Phyco#7586 for games.
06/06/2023 22:58:54
05/11/2023 02:45:11
Hey did you guys know Duck Hunt Duo's FSmash can hit ledgehang? This has been a #KnowledgeCheck with Kanga
05/04/2023 08:37:57
04/24/2023 08:07:56
Have a smashing Easter, everyone
04/09/2023 00:31:03
03/27/2023 04:33:04
milk before cereal
03/07/2023 08:08:12
GN Ausmash ^^
03/06/2023 12:29:57
The new Sydney major, Floating Point looks hype!
03/06/2023 11:53:23
hope everybody has an amazing day
02/28/2023 21:47:34
So real for that <3
02/19/2023 23:21:37
02/19/2023 13:28:14
love you all ♡♡¿
02/12/2023 05:14:28
01/20/2023 17:16:47
Rego for The Action ends this Sunday. Don't miss out!
01/11/2023 02:51:40
Early bird rego for The Action ends this Sunday! Also cop a sick t-shirt at
12/13/2022 11:44:59
12/13/2022 04:57:16
if you write me (jäger/william) as most improved i will cry with joy so pls do it
12/01/2022 05:47:58
vote 1 gravydice in the ausmash awards and i will change all the water bubblers to soda!!!
11/29/2022 10:26:34
bro what did i just type???
11/25/2022 07:10:31
thanks sifoclaus for pissmas an early merry pissmas
11/25/2022 07:09:58
When will Ausmash let me have all 6 characters in my results section. My 6 mains getting oppressed frfr
11/18/2022 13:35:47
Chop Pissmas rego. Yea that's right I'm talking to you, bud
11/07/2022 10:38:41
Good luck for the big cheese everyone!!!
10/26/2022 08:30:07
Good luck to the Queenslanders attending the Big Cheese!
10/25/2022 05:41:28
Good luck at big cheese everyone :)
10/24/2022 10:24:19
Shoutouts to SebPro101 for existing. keep doing that man. #WeTheSeb
10/20/2022 02:19:46
what did i do?
10/16/2022 12:27:47
10/11/2022 06:22:20
Oh my goodness Cheese 3 weeks away
10/09/2022 07:35:29
Wow only 3 weeks away
10/08/2022 13:21:49
Big Cheese 3 is only 3 weeks away
10/06/2022 22:24:48
What does wetheseb mean
08/23/2022 22:32:21
08/15/2022 17:50:10
08/14/2022 00:11:13
08/13/2022 06:18:53
07/20/2022 03:41:23
Anyone else enter in the ultimate AU/NZ winter open
07/03/2022 00:28:31
Please subscribe, you'll be a pretty cool guy if you do.
06/30/2022 01:25:01
I have made a prototype autoseeder and tested it on the BAM bracket! DM me if you want me to take a look at your seeding.
05/11/2022 03:26:34
I just want to wish the best of luck to all of those participating in BAM 2022
05/10/2022 11:09:26
04/26/2022 09:46:37
Ausmash can now track international players by country
04/24/2022 01:20:17
friendly reminder to stop procrastinating and rego for bam and book your airbnbs and flights
04/02/2022 08:33:37
BAM pog
03/07/2022 15:22:13
Because project m counts for this website even though it’s a mod and not a full game, then should we add smash remix to this website?
03/02/2022 04:42:39
Instead of raiding QLD, come join the ACT online local
02/23/2022 07:25:39
Hi I’m new can’t wait to participate
02/20/2022 09:34:39
all these people making interstate beef no one cares get on the fornite you nerds
02/20/2022 03:29:26
Rudd Jonas
02/17/2022 13:37:27
01/20/2022 20:26:57
fire emblem
01/02/2022 13:12:18
Project+ brackets can now be imported from - now go get that sweet PM Elo
11/08/2021 00:13:14
kalos legal counter pick pls. (yoshi's story sucks)
11/05/2021 03:40:16
apparently project+ brackets can't be added to ausmash because they aren't project m, please fix this shitashi i want my p+ elo
10/31/2021 00:14:14
Henlo Sora now let's make Hollow Bastion legal
10/20/2021 03:27:09
add nick all star brawl to ausmash?
10/04/2021 18:37:19
Shoutouts to scott/max for breaaking my code with the slash in his tag
09/03/2021 09:13:18
according to elo I'm the best pyra/mythra in australia and that's really fucking funny
09/01/2021 05:56:56
Brawl Elo
08/20/2021 00:36:28
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
08/19/2021 13:50:30
i love ori and the will of the wisps :)
08/11/2021 08:28:16
Ken is awesome!!
08/09/2021 14:35:56
Wanna be a cool dude or gal? Play Sonic and hold forward, he's super cool
08/06/2021 16:35:00
Yes not like me to forget to add the latest DLC to this site 😅
07/08/2021 04:58:06
Got my atari controller ready for the Kazuya 10 hit combo
06/29/2021 03:15:01
poor bam
06/24/2021 19:48:07
When is funny Alpharad coming to BAM?
06/18/2021 05:50:41
Hey look it's Knuckles
06/09/2021 05:35:37
Bro1 is going to win BAM12
06/04/2021 12:52:41
pizza sponsorship so good it took half the bracket away
06/03/2021 19:35:20
hope you're having a nice day :)
06/03/2021 13:31:24
05/25/2021 09:38:13
05/19/2021 23:57:15
What if every state broke off of Australia like a weetbix bar?
05/10/2021 06:30:04
05/08/2021 09:29:28
Thank you but the Twitch feature is actually just something that just broke ages ago and I only recently noticed and fixed 😅
05/07/2021 00:25:11
This new twitch feature is sick, cheers to Ausmash dev team
05/06/2021 08:46:08
Quick shout out to christina applegate
05/05/2021 12:21:44