Switch: SW-1039-4459-0700
Wii U: SuckerFlash
3DS: 2664-2676-2381
Assuming PSI Magent works like Ness', I think the PK Fire > Magnet AT won't work anymore.

Dtilt looks like it can be chained from jab just like brawl.

Buff to tether looks wonderful.
04/02/2015 01:01:14
Wii U: SRK l Emery
04/02/2015 01:39:36
Wii U: 4444eltoNNNNNN
3DS: 5258-1243-7177
Down throw sticks them in the ground for a bit. Might just be simple animation or actually like villagers d-smash to some extent. https://youtu.be/zwIhEXVRCog?t=44s
lucas will be one of my main mains
04/02/2015 02:34:25
Switch: SW-6588-5770-1695
Wii U: AdrianAce
lucas will be better then ness based off the vid which i know really doesn't say much but looked like he had a good moveset and an extra recovery option with the snake ledge grab similiar to zss

04/02/2015 02:36:07
Switch: SW-1039-4459-0700
Wii U: SuckerFlash
3DS: 2664-2676-2381
Generally in brawl Lucas was considered more technical and his aerials weren't Ness-quality. If he still has his kill throw and maybe some buffs on his aerials I can see him being on even or better grounding than Ness.

But if he still suffers from lack of reliable aerials then I don't see him being better.

I agree though. He does have better recovery and that alone gives him much survivability, and his PK Freeze would see more use than PK Flash.

Anyway, brb I'm gonna go dig out my old Ness and Lucas notes.
04/02/2015 02:42:47
Switch: SW-6588-5770-1695
Wii U: AdrianAce
yeah all depends how he feels when you play but it did look like he had decent aerials with a couple out of grab follow ups, and one of his aerials also has a spike. pk freeze will be solid which i assume will be similiar to luigi's custom ice ball's and pk thunder looked like it sort of trapped people in it
ps they really trolled ness with that beat up montage at the start lol not fair
04/02/2015 02:47:04
Switch: SW-1039-4459-0700
Wii U: SuckerFlash
3DS: 2664-2676-2381
Assuming his PK Thunder is like Ness' Lasting PK Thunder, it would have a stun component similar to ZSS's Stun, but nowhere near as potent. It does go through people so Lucas will be able to go deeper without fear of getting body blocked.

In brawl his bair spike was hard to land though, and with the smash 4 mechanics dair > dtilt lock won't work anymore.

...Not that you can't dtilt lock anymore I feel. If the opponent doesn't tech some hit they'll probably eat two dtilts and an upsmash.

I'm also interested to see what Lucas' custom moves are.
(If he gets Ninten's PSI moves I'm gonna be so pissed lol)

@the Ness-getting-shat-on montage, not cool Sakurai.
04/02/2015 02:50:42
Switch: SW-4350-9889-9978
Wii U: djkaion
3DS: 1091-9241-2919
Omg I HATE lasting PK thunder after what V put me through in the last custom tourney.

Lucas is going down. Megaman Also flashback of Brawl v Elton when he kept picking Lucas on Corneria because that stage is soooooo broken for Lucas.
04/02/2015 03:07:09
Switch: SW-1039-4459-0700
Wii U: SuckerFlash
3DS: 2664-2676-2381
Shitashi said:
Omg I HATE lasting PK thunder after what V put me through in the last custom tourney.


04/02/2015 03:32:18
Wii U: 4444eltoNNNNNN
3DS: 5258-1243-7177
Lucas's head/face looks a bit different in this game. anyways.
check this out - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152850541291634&set=gm.381854505349443&type=1&theater
The snake grab looks like it may grab further than brawls.
(Also Lucas's left leg is going through some weird animation.)
oh, I tollay missed this- https://youtu.be/GG4xjrsDMCE?t=1m14s 1:14 Tether is much longer than brawls
This is nice-

( http://smashboards.com/threads/full-hop-pk-fire-lag-cancel.406886/ )
06/19/2015 09:23:44
Switch: SW-0369-9965-7191
Wii U: CorvidCrow
3DS: 2165-5933-0013
Lucas has got the PK-Hoo Hah. Kills most of the cast at 120% at FD
06/19/2015 21:57:58
Wii U: BarameeQ
Lucas can down throw,(move forward) quick double jump into back air (non spike) into back air spike! Fyi lucas's spike is the lowest and farthest from Lucas (note may have to position yourself a bit forward or back for the first and second Back air).
Works at 45% to 70%
If anyone is having trouble not having much time after a footstool to fast fall the jab lock after u footstool you can cancel the footstool jump animation quickly with down b
06/21/2015 09:10:30
Wii U: 4444eltoNNNNNN
3DS: 5258-1243-7177
I found you can do 10+ nairs on duckhunt, starting from the right and moving to the left up the tree branches, branch by branch, I haven't managed to do a finisher, but neutral B, and up air are most likely, Up B maybe as well if you catch them in the tail thunder
06/22/2015 05:36:34
Wii U: Octopig
3DS: 2208-5140-7699
This is a call out to any Lucas or potential Lucas mains. I'll take secondaries too. Let's learn from each other. Add me and we can play and talk about our feelings regarding dead parents and how to move up on the tier list.
01/05/2016 09:45:36
Wii U: ThatLaggyPerson
winning wont bring back claus

but in all srs lucas is a good character
01/05/2016 12:44:22
Wii U: Octopig
3DS: 2208-5140-7699
If anybody is looking for good Lucas's to watch. Of course Pink Freah, but this dude out of Texas called Hakii is better imo. His Samus is so amazing as well.
Anybody looking for Lucas tech, this video covers the basics, and some more interesting stuff you may not have known.

Also a more recent find posted on reddit is a way to cancel Lucas's foward air, allowing for true combos.

01/21/2016 03:23:15
Wii U: lunacywastaken
Yay Lucas data :D

The buffs probably put him up at low high tier, buffing his grab makes it easier for him to rack up damage and kill while not getting easily as punished like before. His n-air buff is ridiculous, especially since you can combo 2 n-airs from a down throw.
01/27/2016 21:07:52
Wii U: Swordsaintscott
nancy on qldsmash what da fuk
01/27/2016 21:11:09
Wii U: Octopig
3DS: 2208-5140-7699
Lunacy said:
Yay Lucas data :D

The buffs probably put him up at low high tier, buffing his grab makes it easier for him to rack up damage and kill while not getting easily as punished like before. His n-air buff is ridiculous, especially since you can combo 2 n-airs from a down throw.

With correct spacing and at percents below 70% on most cast you can falling Zair into grab like 9/10 times which is great (thanks papa Sakurai). His nair damage buff means he no longer hits like a weak little crybaby and actually does some average damage which is great. Nair can actually be DId out of above 20% if you wiggle the joystick down and away. Because it's a multi hit move you can DI each hit and squirm out.

I've seen some discussion saying that this character might now be better than Ness. Could it be so?

We'll both characters have exploitable recoveries, Ness requires more confidence to edge guard, but Lucas gets back easier and has safer recovery overall.
08/15/2016 00:28:05
Wii U: Swordsaintscott
Aside from Lucas' recovery being a lot better, Lucas is just ridiculously safe compared to ness. For a character that's not only a lot safer and less exploitable offstage than Ness, the fact he kills only slightly later with his throw kill confirms means he MIGHT just be better.

Even if we look at results, Taiheta is doing better with Lucas than all Ness mains right now.
08/15/2016 01:46:00
Wii U: Octopig
3DS: 2208-5140-7699
I feel like both rely on fishing for grabs, but Lucas has an ever so slightly easier time with it. The fact he also has 3 kill throws and follow ups out of d throw at almost any percent (some leading to kills) makes me think his neutral is ever so slightly more solid. However I feel ness is under explored at the moment and a lot of ness mains dropped the character instead of choosing to develop him.
08/15/2016 03:44:13
Switch: SW-3299-6796-0489
Lucas is a better character than Ness in almost every aspect.

As Scott said, his recovery is significantly better, and he's also much better at spacing/zoning since he has numerous keepaway tools such as PK Fire, Zair and Fair. His punish game isn't quite as good as Ness', but it's not bad by any measure, and it gets the job done.

It's really hard to compare their grab games, neither seems better/worse, they're just... different. Lucas makes tradeoffs in having a tether which change how it's used, closing some options and opening others. Though having the best tether in the game is hard to call a disadvantage, and it also really helps his recovery.

The only thing I would say Ness has that's better than Lucas is his aerials. They're just better in every way, particularly the ways that matter. Frame data, power, and most importantly, hitbox size/disjoint. Ness' aerials are some of the best in the game. Turns out, having amazing aerials together with an amazing grab game makes you a good character, who would've thought.

I would say Lucas is a superior character for playing the control, spacing game, such as against campy characters or sword characters. His zoning potential is far greater than Ness', but he can struggle if you get on top of him. For example, having mediocre aerials and a tether grab mean that his OoS options are actually very limited.

Ness, on the other hand, is better at the rushdown game, or perhaps more accurately, the anti-rushdown game. Ness can actually fight toe-to-toe in close quarters, so is a better pick against rushdown/zonebreaking characters that you can't reliably keep out.
08/15/2016 05:00:44
Are people just figuring out that Lucas is better than Ness? I've been saying this for over half a year.

08/15/2016 07:43:11
Wii U: Swordsaintscott
you say a lot of shit
08/15/2016 07:44:36
Don't you think Cloud is bad or something, how interesting.
08/15/2016 07:49:07