Switch: SW-4350-9889-9978
Wii U: djkaion
3DS: 1091-9241-2919
To view an example of a player who likes to place 25th at tournaments, see boozer's profile.


02/21/2015 15:04:02
Wii U: DevilBoozer
3DS: 4124-5214-3831
25th is my spirit animal

the smash tournament gods have decreed it so

02/21/2015 15:10:24
This gif is boozer's reaction everytime he places 25th.

So every tournament.
02/21/2015 15:12:06
Wii U: Oceanblue44
This is my new goal.
02/21/2015 16:09:46
Dean and Scarpian have been awarded this badge.
02/22/2015 07:23:11
Wii U: dean7599
3DS: 1435-4425-6023
I'm very glad I could qualify for this badge. It's very hard to place as low as 25th.
02/22/2015 12:42:14
It was extremely difficult, but I managed to find a tournament where I placed 25th.


Unlike a certain Charizard main, I've never placed lower than 25th in any tournament other than that Melee tournament over my entire competitive career.

02/23/2015 00:33:12
Wii U: stevestevesteve
3DS: 4167-4965-4909
Oh my gosh, this is cruel! hahah!
02/23/2015 08:16:22
Wii U: thatdudejono
3DS: 5086-1719-4466
http://qldsmash.com/Results/VIC/%20CouchWarriors%20January%202015 Wii U singles

So THAT's why you sandbagged against me Dean, so I can have the honour of receiving this badge. Top bloke
02/24/2015 08:34:17
JLo's badge has been awarded
02/24/2015 08:42:45
Switch: SW-5112-5382-9630
Wii U: JonCheee
3DS: 1220-6465-9143
This badge has been awarded.
02/24/2015 13:41:10
Wii U: boudag
3DS: 4399-0101-5784

I am also a 25ther. I feel so elite! :D
02/26/2015 04:05:47
This badge has been awarded to Seracain
02/27/2015 02:48:22
Wii U: Lizzam
3DS: 4081-5689-9075

Yayyy and I thought I regretted entering that PM tournament ^^;
02/27/2015 06:03:31
Wii U: Revax0
3DS: 4725-9291-3506

I'd like to join the 25th place club please
03/23/2015 13:23:18
Wii U: BarameeQ
I obviously lost my first local tournament for this badge http://qldsmash.com/Results/WA/April%20Smash%20Singles%20at%20Cafe%20Myriade
04/27/2015 07:44:13
Switch: SW-4810-4030-2159
Wii U: Noth1ngness69
3DS: 4270-4771-8459
25th club invite4 plz view Nothing http://qldsmash.com/Results/VIC?t=CouchWarriors%20June%202015 edited with an easier link
06/21/2015 03:29:32
Wii U: Oceanblue44
Maribro said:
This is my new goal.

This is still my goal, unfortunately placing 25th isn't as easy as Boozer makes it look.
06/21/2015 03:24:05
http://qldsmash.com/Results/QLD?t=GUF%20Fridays%205 Yay! I came 25th with some other people!
06/28/2015 11:36:34
Wii U: JettWilliams
3DS: 1134-8491-5287
YES! Tendinitis pays off.
06/28/2015 11:41:04
Wii U: 4444eltoNNNNNN
3DS: 5258-1243-7177
I think I came 25th today.
I came 25th today.
square root of 25 is 5.
Minus 1 because first loss, you will get the number 4.
Number of Death

it turns out I came 4th.

"Supreme Champion:
Worthy Adversary:
Maybe Next Time:
4th place:

number of Death
06/28/2015 17:05:32
Delza and Jett have been awarded this badge.

All Perth players should be awarded this badge by default in my opinion.
06/29/2015 04:47:17