Wii U: DevilBoozer
3DS: 4124-5214-3831
thread updated for 1.1.4

whenever an up to date google doc for uthrow uair kill percents gets completed/ made ill add that in too~

all hail k00pa k1ng
02/07/2016 02:03:55
Wii U: Jei_Soul
3DS: 1564-4103-8935
The name should be boo-hoo for multiple reasons
02/07/2016 06:04:59
Wii U: Miss-ChuChu
Everyone's reaction when they found out Bowser got buffed again.


02/07/2016 12:16:17
Wii U: Tarkanator
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02/08/2016 01:03:52
Wii U: DevilBoozer
3DS: 4124-5214-3831

02/08/2016 01:34:00
Wii U: Exmantika
3DS: 4811-7060-6931
New web app released for the Bowser Up Throw to Up Air percents, for anyone interested in learning.
02/10/2018 01:47:57