Wii U: Oceanblue44
dean said:
Damn I can't believe I died again.

Maribro - Investigate Immune, 1-Shot Bulletproof Godfather (Professor Oak) No I wanted Professor Oak

Fight me for it
01/23/2017 12:14:49
Wii U: dean7599
3DS: 1435-4425-6023
Well I mean it's OK I was Lusamine and apparently Plumeria slept with me night 1 so ?
01/23/2017 12:18:19
Wii U: ShadowRhyno
3DS: 2921-9105-5321
And night 2!
01/23/2017 12:21:35
Wii U: ShadowRhyno
3DS: 0001-3329-7885
Bl mafia, town just got some insanely good night plays tbh.
01/23/2017 12:23:00
Tier List:

A - Extra, Maribro, Shane, Dean (Duon), Windkeeper, JLo, Luminescent
B - Ghostbone, Insertname, cjeccjecc
C - Invisi, LuminousLucas, Mr L
D - Spacejam, Dean (SK), HydroPimp
E - AutumnWind, ThatLaggyPerson
F - LachlanF, Corvid

Not ordered within tiers.
01/23/2017 12:27:44
Wii U: ThatLaggyPerson
we won?

I survived?

I guess being inactive worked

01/23/2017 12:29:27
Wii U: ShadowRhyno
3DS: 2921-9105-5321
Were you busy this mafia game Laggy?
01/23/2017 12:29:48
Wii U: ThatLaggyPerson
Rhyno said:
Were you busy this mafia game Laggy?

Welcome to Mafia, ThatLaggyPerson! You are Mimikyu, Town-Aligned 1-Shot Unlynchable. 

Active ability: You have no active abilities. 
Passive ability: Disguise - Is there one, or two Pikachu's? They will never know. 
If you are lynched, you will not die. 
Factional ability: You have no factional abilities. 
Global ability: You may post in the game thread during the day phase, and vote to have any living players lynched. 

Win condition: You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated. 
Have fun! I’ll answer any questions you may have.

also did you do this for the meme
01/23/2017 12:40:26
Wii U: ShadowRhyno
3DS: 2921-9105-5321
Yes. I was hoping you would post more though.
01/23/2017 12:55:42
Switch: SW-3299-6796-0489
Welcome to Mafia, Invisi! You are Magikarp, Town-Aligned Firefighter.

Active ability: Protection - Splash
You may target a player and [Protect] them from Arsonist kills during the night.
Yes, that's right. I was a firefighter in a game with no arsonist. My ability was splash. It did nothing.

Once I got over the salt of realising I was duped into thinking I'd be useful, I was actually kinda impressed at how cleverly appropriate that is.
Luminescent said:
Luminescent said:
Invisi (Might be just me but, a fire fighter claim with no arsonist sound very convenient.)

I'll start with Spacejam.
When your list has all Mafia...

Ahem... I was town =(
01/23/2017 22:43:31
This game was great and also way too broken.
01/23/2017 22:55:06
Wii U: thatdudejono
3DS: 5086-1719-4466
GGs to mafia, I got bamboozled!
01/23/2017 23:07:05
Switch: SW-3299-6796-0489
Overall, I think the game went okay. It was a bit slow to start though, which I think frustrated all of us (including the moderators). Perhaps we need stricter activity regulations to keep the game moving. Or we can all agree that getting to page 25 on day two after three weeks is bad and that we should probably just kill people.

Game balance was mostly well done, with the main exception of Bijou being able to target himself. There are very few situations where roles should be allowed to target themselves. It breaks a bunch of roles (imagine an unkillable doctor, or as we saw earlier, a nearly unkillable bus driver). It also creates race conditions and causal loops, which fortunately we didn't end up seeing. I think the way it was handled (removing self-targeting and telling Bijou immediately after night 1) was okay, but it probably would've been better to ask Bijou to reassign his night 1 actions tbh.

Reviver also seems like a kinda broken role. Unfortunately we didn't get to see how it played out, but being able to revive a confirmed strong power role is super powerful, and probably stronger than a permanent doctor even if it's only one shot. Furthermore, the reviver is basically confirmed town at the same time. Making it a night-only action might help lessen this, but the reviver can still just indicate their intentions to the town the previous day. Perhaps the mafia assassin should work via PM rather than global announcement to be similar power level to the reviver, or just replace reviver with a doctor.

All that said, I think town won mostly off a few lucky plays, particularly on the first night, and this kinda snowballed out of hand. If the game were replayed with the same roles, I think it would be a fairly even game, maybe slightly town favoured.
01/23/2017 23:17:53
Wii U: Benjamin01
Wish I didn't get cucked on night 1. Otherwise it was fun while it lasted.

If only we went with NKing windkeeper and blocking dean night one.
01/24/2017 01:22:52
I will talk about balancing later because theres a couple of things I wanna address
01/24/2017 01:26:43
Wii U: ShadowRhyno
3DS: 0001-3329-7885
Game was balanced, town just got some really fortunate plays.
01/24/2017 02:24:13
Wii U: ShadowRhyno
3DS: 2921-9105-5321
I don't think a time frame should ever be 2 weeks for the days, people lose interest too fast.
01/24/2017 03:06:10
Wii U: thatdudejono
3DS: 5086-1719-4466
Looking back now, I would've been down for 1 week days, or at the very least Day 1 should've been a week long.
01/24/2017 03:15:51

This was an enjoyable game to watch. It seems like everyone else had fun too, which I'm happy about. Unfortunate to mafia that town got super lucky which skewed the game massively in their favour.


I would probably not use 2 week days again. I think 1 week days might be too short but if you analyze everything enough Mafia generally won't win ever, so I'd be up for shortening future days to prevent 12 days of talking day 1 to just lynch Lachlan.


Bus Driver was a mistake. For those wondering about the "rules changing" mid game... That never really happened. I strongly dislike self targeting roles, originally I wasn't going to let Shane self target but for whatever reason I did. I realised during night 1 that Shane was just going to self target himself all game and so I told him that he could use it on himself, but not on consecutive nights. It didn't affect anything in the game, since Shane would have been dead night 1 had he not been able to self target himself anyway. I hope this clears this up for people who thought I was being "unfair", "retarded" or whatever.

Actual balance:

I thought the game was pretty balanced. Town had a couple of broken roles, and a bunch of not so useful ones. I tried to balance it out expecting the SK/Mafia to be able to kill things, but none of them actually did LOL.

Town had a bunch of useless roles to compensate the Reviver/Cop, and Maf had a Vanillerizer (Which isnt fun to play against btw which is why it wasn't 3 shot).

I learned a lot from this game anyway.
01/24/2017 03:53:36
Wii U: Oceanblue44
Next game shall be run by myself and spacejam. It will be themed around Paper Mario Thousand Year Door
01/24/2017 06:07:23
Switch: SW-3299-6796-0489
Maribro said:
Next game shall be run by myself and spacejam. It will be themed around Paper Mario Thousand Year Door
Can I sign up yesterday?
01/24/2017 07:10:10
Wii U: Oceanblue44
Invisi said:
Maribro said:
Next game shall be run by myself and spacejam. It will be themed around Paper Mario Thousand Year Door
Can I sign up yesterday?

01/24/2017 07:10:29
Wii U: ShadowRhyno
3DS: 0001-3329-7885
Thousand year door hype
01/24/2017 08:21:20
Switch: SW-5485-9707-1496
maribro pls no spoils have not played
01/24/2017 12:12:38
Good game everyone. It kinda sucks that Town got so lucky, but what can ya do?
01/25/2017 13:07:45